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  • Are you a creative Diva with a HUGE HEART  but suffer from social anxiety?
  • Does your voice get small or high pitch when you talk about your business to others?
  • If someone offered to make a video for you, would your response be, “sure, but I’m not speaking in it!”
  • Do you get red when you are public speaking and lack trust in yourself ?
  • Do you dream of being a confident speaker with a strong voice to get your message heard?

Hi I’m Rebecca Abraxas, a Women’s Voice and Confidence Coach. If you answered YES to one of these questions, women’s voice and confidence coaching may be for you. Let’s talk about how I can help you be your best self in your business, on camera and with networking events. With your deep desire to be of service to others, you have a passion that is unfettered!  My job is to facilitate you in expressing that passion in your voice and build your confidence so your clients and your audience can make a connection with you the moment they meet you!


And begin having fun with being seen and heard in your business.


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“In Life, don’t create just an impression, create a trust”

-Yogi Tea Quote

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for Women’s Voice and Confidence Coaching with Rebecca

“She has a really great ability to be gentle and strong at the same time; when I’m spinning like crazy and caught up in my drama, she is able to bring me back to a calmer place where I can start to see more clearly what I can do to actually change the situation instead of just sharing the story and have it remain unchanged. It’s amazing how she can do this without making me feel stupid or a burden. Thank you, Rebecca, for being you!”

Joylyn BoppLife Coach

“I’m feeling lots of stuff shift, especially in the mental realm, nervous system, beliefs etc.   Definitely recommended for the common malady of being strung out on too much thinking. Had my 3rd of 5 Bars with Rebecca – effortless transformation, effortless laughter.  Clearly saw what was blocking the flow of creativity and simply …. removed it.”

William HughesVocal Instructor

“Rebecca is a remarkable person who is talented and motivated in her life and work. Her giving nature and ability to listen are extraordinary. I have often been impressed by the depth and breadth of Rebecca’s warmth and insight into humanity. But most inspiring is Rebecca’s drive to elevate the quality of lives of elders through her music performances and exercise classes. I know only a few people whose love for and skill in working with seniors, especially those with dementia, is as genuine and sparkling as Rebecca’s.”

Robin KayMA Gerontology & Long-term Care Administration

“Rebecca has the purest and most amazing clarity of vocal sound–she is a stunning singer and musician. Her open heart of sharing joy and love for life is evident in all her music, and she has touched so many hearts as she has performed live in the Boulder area. Every time she performs at our church she has made a powerful impression on all. She has a new cd coming out– you don’t want to miss out on any of her music!”

Ron TroesterMusic Director

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