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What REALLY Works? Choice!

When it comes down to it, what really works?  What works to get your message heard? What works to sing beautifully? What works to get the clients you desire? What works to parent with ease? What works to really get what you think you desire? After many years of  looking at a lot of how […]

How to Love Your Fear of Public Speaking Away

How To Love your Fear of Public Speaking Away Even the most empowered person can face fear of public speaking once in a while especially when faced with presenting to an audience.  Statistics say that fear of public speaking is the nations #1 phobia. 3 our of 4 people experience fear of public speaking; so you […]

Bite The Bullet and Get on Camera

Is it Time to BITE The BULLET & GET ON Camera? With today’s marketing world, it is becoming apparent that video is essential. Are you ready for the challenge of becoming a video presence? If your answer is NO, then you are not alone.  In starting our Video Production company last year, we gave a […]