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Bite The Bullet and Get on Camera

Is it Time to BITE The BULLET & GET ON Camera? With today’s marketing world, it is becoming apparent that video is essential. Are you ready for the challenge of becoming a video presence? If your answer is NO, then you are not alone.  In starting our Video Production company last year, we gave a […]

Speak Out Loud from Your Heart to Your Voice

Speak Out Loud with passion from Your Heart to Your Voice.  Speaking your passion out loud is a birthright that sometimes we forget we have. What if speaking your passion was the contribution the world was waiting to receive? SOOOO, What is stopping you? We are all really good at having our points of view […]

Where is my MTV

Remember MTV? Anyone out there remember the awesome videos that got introduced to us in the 80s. OMG it brought a whole new way of listening to music. What were your favorite ones? Some of my favorites are “Girls just Wanna Have Fun” – Cindy Lauper , “Thriller” -Michael Jackson,  “Dancing in the dark” Bruce […]

What if Singing Could feel Like Flying?

Our voice is a multifaceted instrument. Like other wind instruments, the voice has an intricate body. However, unlike other wind instruments, the instrument of the voice has a brain with thoughts, a being with awareness and a body that responds to both these elements. To play the instrument of the voice with freedom it takes […]