7 Affirmations To Free Your VOICE

free your voice blog bannerWe may not think much of our voice until we have to get up and do a presentation, or get on camera or sing a song. However, each moment our voice has a lot to say.

Your voice can be a window to your soul.  


When your voice is free I venture to say you are feeling more free inside to be your true self. When your voice is free you have a confidence and ease with showing up and being heard. At least this is what I have experienced.   Thru the years here are some affirmations I have used to stay open with my voice when I have been on stage.     May these 7 affirmations to free your voice be a contribution to you!  Your Brilliance can change the world!

  1. My VOICE is my Power
  2. I am being sung by source energy
  3. I expand my energy and let go of judgments
  4. If I can breath, I can talk, If I can talk I can sing
  5. My voice is a unique contribution to the world 
  6. My body is open and free to express my voice
  7. I trust the brilliance that comes thru my voice 

How to use these affirmations:

1-First Aid: When you find yourself feeling self conscious or uncomfortable -contracted in your body and inhibited yet your still aware of  a “green light” energy of “go do this”, pick one of these affirmations to use or several. Use them on the spot!

2-Personal practice: If you are aware of a specific pattern that shows up you can pick the affirmation that lights you up and say it as a mantra practice morning and night. Say it 10-30 times at a sitting. (or in the car, this is were I get a lot of my transformational practice done LOL)  This will help you rewire your experience with using your voice.

With these affirmations under your belt you will begin to find more ease with your video blogs, speaking in a room full of people, making a presentation or even with speaking to your children.

I love questions. IF you have any let me know in the comments!


Could you use more help with freeing your voice?  I offer Vocal empowerment sessions that are a deep transformational journey of self discovery to free your voice I would love to support you!

  • All the best



3 Reasons Why Shy and Inhibited Women Will Never Speak Up

Get yourself heardAre you a shy and inhibited woman ready to GET YOUR VOICE HEARD  in the world?

What do you do when you have a powerful message to give but are too inhibited or shy to share it?

Is it time for you to shine and be heard?

I literally was the queen of shyness. In 8th grade I actually got “shyest” in the year book.  In school I would sit in the front row so no one could look back at me when I was called on and JUDGE ME.   When I was called on, omg, I would go into an anxiety attach and my voice would be hared to hear and crackly.  NOT FUN!!

Then something shifted sophomore year in high school.  My love for singing (in the SAFE  privacy of my room) over came my fear of rejection and my fear of failure. I tried out for the chorus in the school play.  Do you know what?   I GOT CALLED BACK AND THE PRINCIPAL OF THE SCHOOL SAID,

” Rebecca we had no idea you had such a big voice inside of you!”

What big voice do you have inside of YOU??

If you are shy and inhibited these are the 3 reasons you will never speak up:

  1. People pleaser
  2. Fear of rejection
  3. Fear of failure

The good news is I have a practice that will eradicate these three things and you can have more of a voice in your world!

I dare you to look in the mirror and say, “I love you no matter what” , 5-10 times, 3 times a day, for 30 days!

If you give a practice 30 days it starts to become a habit! You can replace the negative programing from above with something that will create more possibility for your self expression!

Rewiring ourselves with unconditional love helps us take chances and see life as a fun experiment. If we make a mistake its just a fun experiment rather then a failure that keeps us from being loved.

Rewiring ourselves with unconditional love helps us project into the world that other people function from unconditional love too. Rejection can not live in a world of unconditional love!

Rewiring ourselves with unconditional love helps us tune into ourselves more. We begin to put ourselves into the equation of our lives and  fill our cup up first. Then from there we contribute to others and rather then trying to please people to be accepted or loved and giving up ourselves, we contribute from a full cup of brilliance and expression.

So I triple dog dare you to say ” I love you no matter what” and see what happens!  Begin to notice your voice opening up and notice courage you gain to share your message more often.


All the best!!!


Your Losing Your Voice with Your Addiction To Tragedy!


Whether your voice is flowing ease fully or it is locked up and tongue tied it is a reflection of where you are putting your POINT OF FOCUS.

I was reminded of that today as I was dropping my son off to his 5 day spring camping trip 4 hours away from me. I noticed I was focusing on missing him and his safety.  Not feeling that great I began to take my morning stroll on FB and began seeing all these tragic stories of cancer and fatal car crashes. I began to spiral down and get even more tense around leaving my son.  I continued to look on FB offering prayers to the people involved in the tragedies and noticed I began to look for more tragedies to align with my point of focus. Agh. Reading or watching other people’s tragedies can be an addiction that is wrapped up in aligning with our own negative point of focus … This has everything to do with losing your VOICE!

What I noticed in my voice was that I felt like I had a tightening in my throat and that I didn’t want to speak. 

While sending prayers or positive thoughts are a kind gesture and can be a contribution to people in troubled times, we must offer them without the expense of our own vibrational wellbeing or at the expense of having our brilliancy seen and heard.  Our vibrational wellbeing has a direct link to our physical body which is our vocal instrument.

If you find yourself loosing your voice, unable to communicate, feeling shy to sing or speak, tune into your mood, your feelings and the thoughts you are marinating in. Tune into  whether you are coming across people’s hardships over and over again. Where is your point of focus? Is that point of focus helping you feel open, light, trusting life and expressive or contracted, shut down, negative, shy, unsure and inhibited?

It is not what is happening around you or in your life that will keep you in a brilliant and positive expression but your Point Of Focus! 

There are two components in life that can help us gain a positive Point Of Focus to keep our voices open and free to express ourselves.

  1. FAITH

Faith is the ability to trust the bigger picture. Faith is the ability to trust that the “tragedy” around us is a creation in life that has some contribution even though we may not know it yet. Faith can give us relief that everything is going to be ok and that on some level everything is as it seems and nothing is as it seems.  In my life faith in the unseen world helps me keep a positive point of focus so that my body, mind and spirit stay present in what I can be, know or do to be a contribution in my day. Your voice and brilliant expression has a lot to do with that contribution.

Letting go is essential in life and it is pivotal to gaining a strong voice and brilliant expression. Surrendering to the mystery helps you let go and move on with your greatest contribution to the day. The only contribution holding on to the tragedies you have witnessed or the negative feelings that have arose in you offer is a strong contrast to reach for something that feels better. Wanting to feel better, whether it’s wanting to get expressed and have a strong voice or whether it is to get out of a depressed slump takes a letting go and reaching for a better feeling thought.  Thoughts of appreciation can help you begin the letting go process in a potent way!

All this being said… This morning as I drove back home after dropping my son off I began to muster up some faith in his awareness and the choices he would make and I began to let go.   I’m feeling a lot better now and my throat is beginning to release.

Where is your Point Of Focus today? What do you feel in your throat and the rest of your body?  

What is blocking your full brilliant expression today? 

Have faith and let go, no go contribute to the day the only way your unique YOU can!




5 To Do’s To Be a Dynamic Diva At Networking Events

Let’s be honest, if you are growing your small business, networking events are a MUST.



Did you ever walk into a networking event with “AGH” on your mind?
Did you ever feel like you were becoming invisible the longer you stayed at an event?
Did your tongue ever take a stubborn hiatus when you needed it most at a networking event?

I’ve been there too AND I’ve gotten myself out of there … not the event but that awkward situation.

The solution is?  Get good at being there. Get comfortable. Become a dynamic DIVA so that you crave going!

So here are 5 To Do’s to be a DYNAMIC DIVA at a networking event:

  1. Choose to be there
  2. Walk In with an “Attitude of Gratitude”
  3. Expand your energy
  4. Return to Sender
  5. Pull Energy


Choose to be there – This choice is important and it happens before you even step into the room. Making the choice requires you to TUNE IN to the energy. Ask yourself, “Does it feel LIGHT to go to this event? Will it be a contribution to my business?”  When you ask these questions you will get an awareness if it is a YES or a NO. If it shows up as a YES then CHOOSE IT FULLY. Let that fear turn into excitement, put your party dress on and GO!

Walk in with an Attitude of Gratitude – This is really important because when you are in an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE you can not be in judgment or fear (two things that can really trip us up at networking events).  Have gratitude for the event. Have gratitude for a night out. Have gratitude for the cool shoes that the woman is wearing next to you.  Have gratitude for anything and everything. This will keep your monkey mind from turning on the self sabotaging scripts that make you want to find the nearest red exit light.

Expand your energy– Many times you may have a sensation that you are invisible or shrinking. You may feel like everyone’s energy is consuming you. When this happens, intentionally expand yourself back out. If it helps imagine you have on a flying squirrel suite. Do you know what they look like when they are catching air? Imagine your energy around your body doing that but make your suit 10x bigger.  The unseen world is very responsive to your intensions!

Return to sender – Chances are you are not feeling just your own discomfort, you are feeling everyones in the room. So get a base line so you only have to work with yours.  Ask the question, “Who does this awkwardness, fear, discomfort (what ever it is for you) belong to?”   Just this question may lighten things up for you. Then you can say to yourself, “Return to sender Consciously”. This helps you not be a sponge for every mood and emotion in the room so you can express more of you. Anyone an empath here? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Pull energy – Pulling energy is a fun way to manage the social energy in the room. It helps to get you noticed.  Simply have the intention to pull energy thru everyone to you. Then trickle a little bit of energy back out. This will begin to get the room’s energy focused in your direction. You may notice that someone “out of the blue” comes to talk to you and then another.  Again the unseen world is quite receptive to our requests. It may seem like the opposite of what I am saying above but this works differently. Experiment and see what you notice. You can always reverse it or expand back out.


“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. Robert Frost                                    These To Do’s are not typical. They may be outright strange. They may be the “road less traveled”. However,  they have made all the difference for me.   Go have some fun at your next networking event. View it as an experiment!    These 5 To Do’s WORK!  I know because I use them ALL THE TIME!

Cheers to YOU – You Dynamic Diva YOU!

Curious about more tips and to do’s to be your most Brilliant Self?

Come on in for a Brilliant You Intro coaching session  on a tip basis ONLY – Schedule today!  303-859-3026

All the best!!





3 Ways To Use Anger To Angle Your Potency

Anger seems to be a lost art! What I mean by that is so many professionals and healers have told us to not be angry. To breath thru your anger. To redirect it. To hit a pillow. However  the energy of anger is immense and it has a lot to offer us!

Today I want to tell you about 3 ways to use anger to angle your potency.

That means, yes you can get mad! You can yell.  You can have your feelings….And what would it take to have awareness around it.  Conscious anger is potent as heaven and hell together- because actually it is both. There is great awareness in Anger – that awareness is part of the divine, source energy. And there is great suffering in Anger – part of that hell realm we know very well because we have disconnected our thoughts and beliefs away from source energy- the source of all suffering.

So next time you get angry see if you can do these 3 things and use your anger to increase your potency and brilliance!!

1- Ask What is this?

2- What am I making important here?

3- Who am I being right now?


Each of these questions will give you information. Important information to bring subconscious belief systems to the surface so you can begin to access and change them.  The anger is the portal to more awareness.  What would it take to have appreciation for your anger?

Just yesterday I used these questions and it is changing our whole family dynamics.

I came up from my Reiki and Yoga Practice all happy and peaceful and was triggered by my son’s resistance to helping out with the house. I eventually got mad- really mad. It was such a contrast from where I just came from. I asked “what is this”  and “what am I making important here?” These questions were able  to lead me to some pretty deep beliefs I was running about my children.  This good information gave me a whole new approach to parenting and to staying in alignment with my own happiness.  Our happiness is our true nature! Our deepest brilliance we can offer people.

Stay aligned with your happiness and you are one potent force!

So don’t push that anger away. Use it to angle your potency, to become more aware, to increase your consciousness, and to create new beliefs to deliberately create your life with!


All the best!




#1 Key To Go From Grumpy to Great

Feeling Grumpy?

Is this part of your brilliance?

While I do agree sometimes with being present with what is, there are moments in our life where grumpy is just not going to cut it. Being grumpy in front of a room full of people you have to do an inspiring speech to or getting on camera for your marketing video or being a chaperone for your first graders field trip … Sorry Grumpy is not just not going to cut it!

I’m glad you came here today because I have a tool for you to use that is my #1 key to going from grumpy to great!  I have visited grumpy a lot and this is what I have found to help! I have used this so many times when I was in a grumpy space and I had to get on stage with a big audience in front of me, Yikes.   You know what? It has worked every time for me and has allowed me to engage and connect vulnerably with my audience. I’m so grateful!  I hope you have fun with this and helps you go from grumpy to great in a pinch!


You see being grumpy, comes from buying into a reality of a past story, pattern, judgment or belief – yours or someone else’s. It doesn’t matter if it is yours or someone else’s this tool will work.  When we “buy into”  a story on an energetic level it becomes dense, energy contracts. At least that is how I see it.

 Your natural state of being is an infinite being of source energy that vibrates high and expands far and wide.

When we are in a grumpy space part of us doesn’t believe in this expanded version of ourselves and we sense a contracted dense heavy space of being. It tends to not feel too good, unless we are so used to it it becomes what is more comfortable then feeling expanded and light.

When you feel this grumpy heavy sensation instead of going more into the story of it all see if you can expand the heavy dense energy you feel. Ask for your energy to expand out to the 4 corners of the room you are in, if you are able to do that and it feels a little lighter, then expand it even further past the town you are in, past the state, then the country, now to the stars.

Would an infinite being feel heavy and contracted?  By expanding your energy you are revisiting and remembering the greatness you are and the space of glorious beingness that is always there for you to be.  You can always revisit a story if you want to later. But for now if you require your mood and energy to shift to be brilliant, dynamic and confident in what the present moment is requiring of you – EXPAND YOUR ENERGY!

This may seem simple, but the unseen world response to intensions, thoughts and energy. So if it could be simple and easy, would you be willing to allow it to be so. Would you be willing to believe in your brilliance to shift and change on a dime. Would you be willing to choose your greatness?

Questions?  I’m happy to hear them!!   Just comment below

All the best,


What Would it Take to Be Your Favorite Person?

I asked my self this Question today:

What would it take to be my favorite person?

It’s quite remarkable how a little question can open up a reservoir of awareness! I did not begin to have  a list of bullet points to write down, but rather it began to inform my behavior, my presence and my mindfulness.

I am in the business of being the best version of myself and I like to help people see the best version of themselves too thru songs and coaching. What I really love to see is when these best versions show up and are invited and consciously chosen, the self expression and the voice that is created is phenomenal!

And guess what?   When you become the best version of you, you become your favorite person.  Wow, what a really cool feeling!

Are you your favorite person?  If the answer is “no” then play with this question for a week: What would it take to be my favorite person? See what unfolds, shows up and becomes alive inside of you.  See what begins to get pruned. See what gets highlighted.  See what awakens in your voice.

Remember what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  By becoming your favorite person, you get to be that change. you get to be seen and heard as an agent of change and consciousness in the world. What if transformation isn’t complex. What if it’s as simple as a question and an awareness? What if accessing your voice and expressing the best version of you begins with a question and a choice to implement it.  Start there and watch your brilliance unfold.

I would love to hear about your journey in the comments below!

If any other great questions come up would you be willing to share them with us! ?


All the best!


6 Steps For Moms To Release Guilt!

Moms, Release guilt and watch your life get way easier!

Motherhood can be challenging enough without being plagued with guilt. Don’t you think? But there are so many avenues for guilt to sneak up on us!

Feeling guilty for wanting to spend time with girlfriends or even our husband  over our children. Feeling guilty for wanting to travel without our children. Feeling guilty for working too much. Feeling guilty for yelling at our children. Feeling guilty for  not working enough. Feeling guilty for going to yoga class instead of their ballgame. Feeling guilty for missing a school concert. Oh the list can go on and on.

Take a minute and become aware of what happens to your body, your throat and your voice when you are in the energy of guilt?  Empowered full of possibility or tight and whiny?

Guilt distracts us from our greatness as moms, as change agents, as dreamers, as business women, as lovers as anything we desire most. Guilt is a huge distraction from not only accessing our voice, accessing our dreams and accessing the family life we desire but a distraction from our life!

Ready to let it go? Ready to feel empowered and dynamic in your life? Ready to open the floodgates of possibility in your life?

6 Steps for moms to release guilt! mom core belief access your voice

 1)   Become aware of where you feel guilty. Name some scenarios and get the feeling of it.

  2)  Now become aware of that sensation deeply. This information tells you that you want to feel better, right? Gives you information of
what you do want.

 3)  Ultimately you just want to feel better. The crux here is that feeling better is tied into a core belief around motherhood. If your core belief stays the same you will have to keep aligning with it and if you do not you will come back to guilt. Now you must choose. Do you keep the same core belief and always meet it or change the core belief and live with more possibility.

 4)  Dive into what you believe about motherhood, the judgements you have and what you defend or resist around motherhood.(taking a look at your points of view around mothers around you is a good way to discover some interesting things about your core beliefs around motherhood.) This dive will give you some good information about what your core beliefs are around mothering your children.

5) Did you discover the high expectations you are putting on yourself? Did you discover that these ideals may not pertain to you and your
family anymore. Did you discover that you may not want live in this rigid box any more? Did you discover that if you live by these beliefs, that you don’t have room for your self in the equation of your life?  So now rewrite your core beliefs as something that gives more room for you in your life, more empowerment to you and your children and offers more possibility in your life.

 6) Now read them everyday a lot until they feel true and real to you.


You may notice that after you do this exercise you will have more physical energy, feel lighter in your attitude and mood, have a more fluid voice and your dreams may take flight again. At least that is what I felt!


All the best!

Need help with diving deep and changing core beliefs so you can feel more free in your life, open your voice and launch your dreams? Come try an AccessYourVoice private session!


Access Your Voice -Let Go Of Your Personality!!

Access Your Voice let go of your personality Have you ever noticed that who you think you are and the points of view you have about yourself, about what is right and wrong and about what is good and bad predict what you are willing to be and act out in your life?  There is a more potent way to express yourself in your reality and with your work.

Your personality is getting in the way of your voice!

                         Let go of your personality!

What if these points of view that are running your life and determining your expression were strategies you developed a long time ago to survive your family and your school life. What if these strategies are out dated and there is a more potent and more expressive way to live?

What if I told you the voice you are using right now today is actually the voice of a 5 year old or an 8 year old or a 13 year old?   Have you gained awareness and wisdom thru the years that are being squashed and unheard because of strong points of view that you established way back when?

What if it is way more potent and efficient to tune in to what is required with the situation in the present moment. Would you be willing to be and do what ever it takes to be a contribution to your client? Or do you think your 5 year old self has client relations in your grown up business covered?

How do you choose something different:

Your vocal expression and communication with others can be a tell tale sign of where you are functioning from in your life.  Vocal awareness can give you information as to whether you are functioning from the present moment or a past strategy.  Functioning from the present moment requires that you be extremely present with the energetics in the room with out referring back to a past situation to figure out how to react and communicate. Two questions you can use to get clear about what is required in the present moment are:

What is required here?

                           What can I be or do to be the biggest contribution here?

These questions will keep you in the present moment. These questions will give some ah ha possibilities to try. These questions do not give you concrete answers but they do inform you as to what to be or do next, given that you are willing to let go of your personality to express what is required.

For example, If you are someone who has a point of view about cussing and being loud or aggressive, you may be missing out on part of the rainbow of vocal expression that could be effective in a certain moment.

Now this is not permission to go and let out all your aggression on a client or your child or a friend . You see if you become aware that a more stern or aggressive approach is what may be required, you do it with no attachment to anger or negative feelings, you do it as a strategy.  To do this and use your voice in this effective way, what would it take to come from awareness rather then your personality, points of view and feelings. It’s putting your personality self aside and being willing to be the energy that will contribute to the person to create the most change.

Vise Versa, if your personality is stern, go – getter and no frills would you be willing to put that aside and voice your self with the tenderness that may be required?

Are you willing to use your voice in a way that would be the biggest contribution and create the most change?  Yes, you may  receive judgment, yes you may feel confused at first and yes you may see yourself and the reality around you change, including the freedom you have with your voice.


Vocal awareness For Easeful Parenting.

Vocal awareness equals more ease with parenting?


Vocal Awareness is being aware of what is happening with your voice at any given time of the day. There is information in the volume, the tone, the pitch and the quality of your voice that you can use to make some choices that will support you in your parenting.

Are you showing up for your children? 

Are you being present with them?

Are you getting the results from your children that work for you in your home?

Are you totally resourced and aligned with your true self while communicating with them? 

This is all in your voice and you can begin to listen to your voice with ears and awareness that will help you take a step back and ask questions like, “What is this? Who am I being? Is this working? ” 

When you can take a step back to ask these questions you will begin to become more aware of what is going on for you. For example, maybe you are asking your boys to clean up their dishes.  Notice the tone you are using. Are they hearing your?  Do you have overwhelm in your voice? Is your voice monotone? Is it loud? Does it have a nagging tone to it?  Is it working? Are your boys responding?

By becoming aware of where you are and what tone you are using, you open your self up to making a conscious choice of where to speak from.  If you notice that you have overwhelm in your voice and your boys are not responding, (because  really who wants to get near someone in over whelm) you then can tune in to you,  expand your energy by taking a deep breath and use a tone that would work better.

Our tone of voice can let us know if we are tired, annoyed, frustrated, scared, overwhelmed, bored, mad etc. The cool part about becoming aware of your voice is that you can then consciously pick a tone that will work for the situation but not make vital the feeling behind it.

For example, many boys respond more ease fully to a stern louder voice. What if you could be that potency with out feeling stern? It is just an aware choice. Most parenting experts agree that if you can be stern with out being invested in an emotion behind it, the children will see a more emotionally regulated adult and learn emotional health as a result.

As a parent your voice is powerful and it is that much more powerful if you become aware of what your voice is really saying and make conscious choices about how to use it.

Bottom line:  Vocal Awareness really does equal easeful parenting!