Are you daring greatly or are you simply doing what every one else is doing?

OK to be fair, maybe that’s how it starts – being inspired by someone else and trying out what they are doing; then launching from there – But are you launching?

When you see trends in marketing, media, parenting, art, music etc., do you follow them or are you a person that says, “ok cool, what else is possible?’

Recently I saw a clip of a woman talking on a TED Talk…. first of all yea for her for sharing her idea and getting up in front of all those people!!!

However, when I watched the video, I became aware of myself cringing.    I asked myself, ” What is this about? ”   What I became aware of was that the tone and style she was talking in has been done so many times before and it felt like she was a script rather then a person connecting a unique idea.

Through the presentation I didn’t feel like she was willing to meet me.  It felt like she was up there trying to get it all right.

Are you daring greatly or are you trying to get it just right?  Speaking in just the right tone, with just the right amount of jokes, with just the right formula for getting people intrigued. The only thing missing from this approach is YOU.

You are a creative energy with an infinite well of possibilities who is connecting with other wells of possibility in front of you in an audience or relationships.

Would you be willing to be present enough to dare greatly and be something different in a sea of sameness?

Would you be willing to animate your talk with the creative force of YOU?

The quality of your voice tells people if you are present or not.

Would you be willing to step outside of the box and possibly not get it “Right”?


Scripting is a great tool to organize your your thoughts. However a good talk is more then your thoughts.  It is your presence.   Just working on the script without practicing presence leaves the presentation feeling empty and dull, contrived and possibly manipulative.

Dare to go past the script. Dare to be present in front of the audience, whether it is 1 person or 1, ooo.

How do you do this?

Allow your beingness to say hi to their beingness.

I recently started a performance by looking into the crowd and saying ‘HI”… I looked into as many eyes as I could while I said this.

The response was a chuckle and a ‘Hi’ back. At hat moment we were present together and it was glorious to share from that space of being as a collective!

Two things to ask to dare to be present:

1 – Connect – Say HI somehow, breath together, share a vulnerable story

2- Ask a question to yourself- “what can this audience receive?, What can I be know or do to be a contribution here?,  What voice can I be to get this topic heard and embodied?

That’s all for now…

Keep being YOU and changing the world

  • Best,  Rebecca