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Events to assist you in trusting your voice and feeling better!

Monthly Reiki Sound Healing Classes

A Reiki and voice Event

Once a Month 7-8:30pm

Lafayette, Co

RSVP  for the address: 303 -859-3026 /

Enjoy an Hour of Reiki Healing combined with the healing elements of drumming and voice to entrain your body, mind and being to its feel good frequencies.

Upcoming dates:

January 25th

Free Meet up

Inspirational Music Sets

Rebecca Abraxas music will do a set each of these dates with music to inspire and activate your brilliance!  Each song has messages to assist you in living free, being happy and activating your brilliance!

January 11th, Community Night at East Simpson Coffee in Boulder 7pm, Special guest Jim Cambell on percussion!

January 16th, Music at the Roost, Main St. in Longmont 7pm


“Getting Comfortable with Being Confident”

Join the conversation about Getting Comfortable with being confident.

So many times being confident is associated with being conceited or arrogant. What if confidence was your default space of being. What if it came across authentic and genuine? What if it created trust amongst your peers?   Free tele call to see what we can create to let go of the judgement that keeps you uncomfortable with Confidence.

December 18th 7 pm mst


Sing Your Self Free

6 Women, 6 Weeks

A Vocal Journey to create awareness in your life,  to trust YOU in your life and to UNLOCK the confidence to share your Brilliance!

Do you struggle with being SEEN and HEARD?

Do you CRAVE to SING your heart out?

Do you KNOW there is a SUPER  HERO inside of you but it doesn’t seem to come out to play?

In this 6 week journey you will use the power of voice, song, toning, play, journaling, verbal processing and energy tools to discover the possibilities of not only your voice but the brilliance of your presence.  After getting over being extremely shy and performing for years on stage as a singer songwriter, I noticed a confidence and an ease I had on stage and I wanted that all the time in my life.  This experiential journey is about cultivating presence, confidence and trust in your brilliant unique self through the power of being seen and heard.  Women’s circles are a rich and supportive opportunity to dive deep and surface with new perspective, greater awareness and more freedom to BE YOU to change the world!

6 Monday’s, Jan 22 – Feb. 26th

7-8:30pm Lafayette


Sing Your Self Free coaching package:


Sing Your Self Free 6 week class

A private coaching session

6 weeks of unlimited email support/coaching

Special price: $250

HOLY FIRE REIKI  Certification Training

Learn the secret of inviting happiness, guidance, healing and transformation into your life AND enjoy the possibility of a new carreer.

Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2 is the beginning of a new paradigm of living for you.

If you are curious about developing your intuition and guidance ….
If you are ready for deep healing and change…..
If you crave another level of joy in your life…….
If you would like to enhance the healing modalities you are using as a practitioner….
If you want to learn a way to contribute more to the world…..
If you would like to learn the art of a hands on energy work ……
If you are looking for a lifestyle thatt aligns with spiritual and personal growth toward a deep inner peac…..


Curious? Lets chat!


My classes are small and intimate. 1-5 people

Holy Fire Reiki is a new energy in Reiki that came in 2014 it offers deep gentle detox, deep development of unconditional love and a shift in ones frequency, consciousness and lifestyle toward deep inner peace.   In a weekend you will learn the history of Reiki, lifestyle tools, 3 symbols to focus your mind and the energy of reiki for healing, the Reiki Ideals, hand positions, the art of letting go and opening to guidance.  Learn self treatment, client treatments as well as how to send distant healing reiki. You will give and receive practice sessions as well as experience several deep Holy Fire experiences. You will receive the Holy Fire 1 and 2 placements. It is a weekend of deep healing, possibility and transformation.

Whole Weekend training:

$380 comes with Holy Fire Reiki ManuaL

** if you are just interested in taking one of the days, please contact me  303-859-3026****