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Find ease and joy with being YOU!

Sing Your Self Free Evening Workshop

Aug. 29th 6-9pm

This evening workshop is  a deep dive into a vocal sound journey.

  • Discover, share and release the stories holding you back
  • Learn the power of your own Sound Medicine
  • Learn to tune into your inner voice to sound your outer voice
  • Build trust and confidence with expressing

Join the 6 person tribe for this evening of discovery, song, sound and transformation!

In our 3 hours together you will begin to experience how your voice can be the gateway for deeper consciousness and how this will bring you to a space of trusting your  inner and outer voice.  We will explore toning to open the chakras, chanting to free your spirit  and spontaneous song to develop deeper listening and intuition . We will support our singing practice with contemplative mind body practices including a Holy Fire Reiki meditation experience. All this will be held in a confidential, judgment free room safe to explore and expand. This particular class we are diving into Chloe Goodchild’s  7 Sounds of Love

Early Bird price $30

After Aug. 23rd….  $40

Register with Pay Pal below,

This will hold your spot in class, details will be sent via email the day before class.

Thank you !

Become a Holy Fire Reiki  1 & 2 practitioner


Join a Reiki Lifestyle for more peace, trust and allowance in your life.

Holy Fire 1 &2 offers comprehensive training and a manual so you feel confident with the practices you will be embarking on.

Join the class to start creating your life with the Holy Fire Energy that offers a deepening of unconditional love, detoxing and a lighter sense of being.

This special weekend will also cover Soul Singing with Reiki and how to incorporate vocal sound healing into your sessions for yourself and others.

You will learn 3 symbols, receive 2 Holy Fire Placements and learn hand placements. There will be adequate time for questions and hands on practice. You will receive Reiki sessions during the session. You will also take part in deeply healing Holy Fire Reiki Experiences to clear out old energies and raise your frequency. Holy Fire Reiki has been known to cultivate more trust and ease in people’s lives, develop positive kind attributes of one’s personality and create deep healing from unconscious blocks.

At the end of the weekend you will be a certified Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner and have the experience of connecting with your voice through Reiki to use in your sessions.

Aug. 25th 9-3,  Aug 26th 10 – 5

$370 for the weekend includes manual

Down payment to hold your spot $150
(Balance will be invoiced a week before class starts )

Both payments non refundable but can be used for another class date if needed.

Pay Full Amount $380:

Pay $150 down payment :

NEW CHALLENGE opening up AUGUST  15 !

30 day challenge….

….to Begin trusting you and your voice.

Spend 30 days developing an intimate relationship with your inner voice and strengthening your outer voice. Begin to melt away the judgement of your voice and welcome it like a trusted friend.

Join the challenge August 15th

  • Weekly coaching Videos
  • Daily Email inspiration and tools (to start your day with)
  • Fb book support page

Learn ways to calm the mind, release the body and uncover your soul voice.  In this month Journey you will develop a strong witness to build vocal awareness, vocal empowerment and vocal expression.  You’ll be given a daily practice to learn how to listen to your inner voice, feel confident with sounding your deepest longing and allow the flow of healing expression and song to come through you!

Week 1: Your body as an instrument of sound, information and awareness. This week’s practice will be grounding our bodies and learning how to translate body tension and sensation into a message of sound through our voice. You will be given posture, practices and techniques to get to know your body more intimately as a vocal instrument.

Week 2: Your Energy system as a map to vocalizing and releasing. This weeks practice will be exploring the vowel and seed sounds of the energetic chakra system of your body.  You will be given practices that pertain to breath work and toning.  As well as how to tune in to deeper listening for sounding your unique chakra sound.

Week 3: What is the sound of your emotions and thoughts and what quality of silence and awareness can this sound bring. This weeks practice will go into deepening our attention to our emotions and thoughts not through story but through sound and begin to shift that sound into a different frequency to “tune” ourselves toward our deepest joy. We will journey with the sound AUM and play with the sound of a major and minor scale for emotional expression.

Week 4: Your deepest song is silence. This weeks practice will be a 4 step process into the depth of your silence to release your  most authentic soul song. You will be supported daily with poems, writing prompts and songs to sing to help you with this process.

Price for 4 coaching videos, 30 days of email coaching and an interactive coaching Fb community page just $20

Registration coming soon!

I AM HERE  4 week Email Coaching

  • Get perspective
  • Have someone of like mind to share with
  • Learn tools to get past personal growth hurdles
  • Get nurtured through a healing crisis
  • Distance Reiki to ease your situations

Personal growth and transformation can feel confusing and lonely at times.  This program offers you support. I AM HERE is a program to help you get through your hurdles, feel connected again, breath life into spiritual or growth plateaus and  get heard.

This program offers 1 email a day with up to 3 back and forth correspondences. Confidentiality is honored fully.


Rebecca Abraxas in Concert

Rebecca’s Positive Music Calendar

Rebecca Abraxas music will do a set each of these dates with music to inspire and activate your brilliance!  Each song has messages to assist you in living free, being happy and activating your brilliance!

April 26th Thursday, East Simpson Coffee Shop 5pm

June 30th Saturday, Private House Concert, Erie