Attention potent beings ready to have a voice!

Learn the secrets to Freeing your voice!

Any of this sound familiar: 

  • Do you yearn to express your brilliant self that feels locked up with out a key?
  • Are you getting tired of being the pushover with the soft spoken voice everyone thinks is so sweet?
  • Does being overwhelmed with anxiety in front of others get in the way of your success?
  • Are you sick of your voice not matching the potent being who resides inside you?
  • Are you curious about what your voice can do? 
  • Do you struggle with letting the singer inside of you out to play ?

It is time to be heard!  Time to feel free! Time to Step your voice up to the plate and be the powerhouse you came to be!  I’m so glad you are thinking about joining this 10 week intensive to FREE YOUR VOICE and FREE YOUR LIFE! 

 I know what it is like to struggle with each one of those points above. I am a recovering shy person who some how became a singer songwriter and had to find a way to get comfortable, confident and dynamic on stage.  Like you I felt like a super hero inside ready to do what ever it took to make a difference in the world. Yet what I expressed outwardly did not match that big energy inside.  I literally got sick over this at a young age – Sinus headaches, chest pains, eating disorders, depression … NOT FUN!    I had to find a way out of my own cage I put myself in!

Then the desire to sing started to pull at me and the pain of living small became too great. I had to try something different.   I started to sing, write songs, face my fear and discomfort and find my way out of myself.  You know what?  I found my way and I would like to share it with you.   I believe with all my heart and being that it is so important to shine and be and voice our contribution to the world. You came here to effect the world and you are not going to do it with a shy small voice. I believe in me and I believe in you. I have found that freeing my voice has freed my life. I am passionate about helping you do the same!


Free your Voice, Free your Life 10 week intensive, November 7th – January 16th

images-210 Group Coaching Calls  AND  2 Private Coaching Calls where you’ll get valuable transformational tools so you stop locking your voice and your potency away and let the brilliance of you come thru  your self expression.

Included in the 10 weeks: 

  • Each week for ten weeks you will get a group coaching call on specific topics to unlock your voice
  • You will get 2 private one on one coaching calls to focus in on your deepest blocks and work on removing them
  • You will be part of a private FB group for support, to ask questions and to share your wins
  • You will receive a yoga program to unlock your body blocks that are strangling your voice 
  • You will learn tools to work with the energetic distractions around you so you are more confident in groups
  • You will learn about the 4 resonating chambers of your vocal instrument to gain the volume and tone to be successful
  • You will learn about your emotional “pop ups “ that are distracting you from the possibilities with your voice 
  • You will discover your dynamic vocal range and your potential range 
  • You will learn an amazing tool to let go of out dated belief systems that keep you from the voice you desire
  • You will learn to source your voice from an unlimited well of energy that is always available; 
  • You will learn breathing exercises and technique to support your voice, body and emotions in any situation
  • You will learn tools to grow your muscle of awareness so you will become your own best voice teacher


  • I will send you a copy of my CD “When Heaven Meets Hell”
  • You will receive a copy of my PDF “Unlock Your Power


“Rebecca has a really great ability to be gentle and strong at the same time; when I’m spinning like crazy and caught up in my drama, she is able to bring me back to a calmer place where I can start to see more clearly what I can do to actually change the situation instead of just sharing the story and have it remain unchanged. It’s amazing how she can do this without making me feel stupid or a burden. Thank you, Rebecca, for being you!” Joylyn Bopp, ND and life coach

“I participated in a workshop led by Rebecca Abraxas about reclaiming my voice to embody more power in my business and life. It was an experiential and evocative experience. I got to see where I had blocks to my expression and how that was impacting what I desired to create in my life. Through Rebecca’s skillful facilitation and ease with her own voice as an instrument, I was guided to move beyond those blocks. Rebecca’s approach brings forth a missing ingredient in most training available to coaches. We often focus on what words to use and how to relate to the clients and yet – our voices carry the energy of our message. If that instrument is strained, we don’t have the impact we desire. Rebecca has a gentle and no holds barred approach to helping clients see where they are holding themselves back and how to move beyond those blocks so they can show up fully for their clients, and themselves.”  Megan Walrod,  Business & Marketing Coach


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Dear Brilliant Being, I know first hand what it feels like to be so bright inside yet not be heard in the outside world. Being bright and big yet living small can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health as well as your success in the world.  I invite you to  unleash your voice and see the dominoes of your life line up with your passion and your purpose.  I invite you to join  FREE YOUR VOICE AND FREE YOUR LIFE.


A Bit more about Rebecca: 

rebecca abraxas contact for performanceSinger/Songwriter/Coach Rebecca Abraxas is passionate about empowering people to be their brilliant selves. Thru the past 20 years Rebecca has inspired children and adults to find the joy of singing and the confidence to use their voices. Her 3 CDs offer personal growth practices and stories of going from surviving to thriving. Combining music and coaching, Rebecca offers keynote concerts and workshops to support people in being seen and heard in a dynamic way.