Do you wish you could shift to a light tone of voice quickly!

Maybe you have to get up and give a talk at work or speak to your kids classroom or maybe tonights the night you are performing an inspiring song you wrote for the first time  or are you meeting a client for the first time?   What ever it is the tone of your voice matters.

I got your back! This is what happened to me today and it reminded me of all the times my voice has showed up for me!

Today I woke up with a heaviness in my chest and a heaviness in my mood. I was really aware of it and really aware that I wanted to shift it to feel excited and inspired to be a human being today… So I got down to my office and sat in my chair to do my Reiki meditation and tune into what was up for me.

After a few moments of sitting still with the Holy Fire Reiki my voice started to take over and I started giving some sound to the heavy energy I was aware of. It was only a 12 min meditation as I had to get my son to camp but it was a powerful 12 minutes with significant change from heaviness to sheer lightness of gratitude.

I am so grateful for my voice showing up for me.

Guess what … if you are willing to show up for yourself your voice shows up for YOU.

Your voice is an extension of you, your breath and your beingness.  What you are being in your day is going to show up in your voice!

If I didn’t check in and spend that time this morning with ME I would have brought that heaviness into my voice all day long affecting my tone of voice with all my relationships- personal and work related.

What do you want to be offering with your voice when you are communicating – heaviness or light heartedness?

What do you feel would create more of what you are looking for in your life?

Shifting your space of being and shifting your tone of voice doesn’t have to  take a long time.   Just mix a little choice with some awareness and sprinkle in some tenacity and some high frequency energy and see what happens.

Below are a few quick practices you can do to help that shift so you can have the light tone of voice that matches the offering you are sharing!

Quick practices to shift the heaviness to get a light tone of voice:

#1 Tone/chant Ah A out loud into your heart area – be aware of the vibration and the shift that will happen

#2 Gratitude rant – name 20 things your are grateful for today

#3 Ask “what would it take to align with the energy of my greatest joy available today? “ sit still in the energy of that question without answering it


Thats all for now

All the Best!!



I would love to hear them!