Sound healing

I like calling my sound healing sessions “Sound Support”.  I see it as supporting your body and being with a vibration thru vocal sound that will bring you in alignment with your most brilliant YOU.  I intuitively tune into the energetics of your body, being, blocks, beliefs, etc. and I vocalize a tone or sound to support, release, delete, transform, refresh, nourish and train you back to the frequency of your greatest self.

When you are aligned with that frequency other denser frequencies can’t hang around so they leave.  You are left feeling refreshed, light, peaceful, happy, open to possibility and feeling good in your body.  Body discomfort is a dense frequency in the body.

Sound healing can begin to lighten that frequency breaking up the density and help you feel more comfortable. It can also help to release the root and seed of the problem by shifting the frequency of the thought patterns you marinate in.

Thoughts create our reality including our body reality. At least this is how I see it. If anything you will feel very peaceful and at ease afterward, best case scenario you will see massive transformation.  Possibilities are possible.

Sessions can be in person or on the phone! If you are open to it you may be asked to use your voice as well.