Today I witnessed a little boy at choir be so brave and try out for a solo part.   He sang one line then ran back to his seat. He put his hands over his face while he sat in between all his 4th and 5th grade buddies. I could tell he was beginning to cry.    As the choir rehearsal went on I began to have a lump in my throat and I began to get teary eyed.  I looked at the little boy again and could see him rubbing tears away and still covering his face.

What is the Lump in your throat followed my tears when you begin to use your voice sometimes?

I experienced this so many times growing up.   I remember one time in particular when I was in college and I was talking to my French professor about a grade.  The lump came unexpectedly and I started to fight back the tears. It was SO  embarrassing.

The interesting thing about the lump followed by tears is that it usually happens at a time when you are stepping into your power.

So what is the Lump?   It is your power. It is potent life force coming thru a restricted sense of self and it comes at a time when you are in the process of growing into that power. 

So lets celebrate the lump!

At the same time, what does it take to assist in opening up the resistance so your power can flow thru with ease?

I like to look at things from a holistic perspective.  This means getting curious from physical, psychological, mental, spiritual and energetic perspectives.

Where is the disconnect?

In the yoga therapy school of thought they use a model called the 5 Koshas.

  • Physical Body
  • Energy Body
  • Emotional/Mental Body
  • Wisdom Body
  • Bliss/spirit Body

In this model they state that every dis – ease stems from a disconnect from spirit or a perspective of being one with something larger then ourselves – our true nature and source of power.  It is easy for this to happen in a culture that works on individualism and prides itself on material gains and awards.  But this is part of the human condition,  human play and human transformation.  I dare to say this is the reason we are here to transcend separateness and remember our greatness -so it is all GOOD.

When you become disconnected (it’s really just a perspective cause we are never truly disconnected from our source energy) your intuition and wisdom body begin to give you indicators… then your emotional and mental parts of you give you indicators … then your breath and energy systems .. finally your body will give you clues to show you, “hey, tune in, turn on, open up to the flow of source energy”.

The lump in your throat and the tears behind it are indicators that the flow is trying to happen.

To open the flow, give awareness and attention to each body.

A sample program to address the occurrence of  a lump in your throat might be:  

  • Physical body:  yawn, open the throat, stretch the neck, stamp your feet
  • Energy Body:  full breath, tone ‘ah’
  • Emotional/Mental Body: ask yourself the question, “How old was I when I cut off from my expression and power? “
  • Wisdom body: close eyes, hum, look up to third eye, ask for clear guidance to resolve this
  • Spirit body:  Sit still, notice the breath, imagine energy flowing into ever pore of your being, feel the power of being supported, know that it is always there.

If you are experiencing a lump in your throat and fighting back tears, celebrate!! You are beginning to tune into your greatness!  Give this sample program a try or make one up yourself to begin opening up the resistance and growing into your POWERFUL VOICE!

I love this because once again we see the journey of the voice is a journey of the self!  A potent ride to unveiling our most brilliant selves!

Your Voice and Your Health Matters!



Reiki & Holistic Voice Coach