Imagine what it feels like to be stuck inside a glass box with a glass lid?  Do you feel potent or limited?

Lately I’ve become super aware of how confining it is to have my voice in a box and how the potency of my voice really comes from un defining it!

The box being a metaphor for the roles I play in my life, the judgements I’ve bought into from others and the beliefs I’ve created around my voice.

Each of these scenarios is a box, within a box, within a box.  Not much freedom  or possibility there at all!

I love my role as a mother and sometimes I notice that defining my self as MOM limits  how I use my voice….  It also limits the possibilities I have with parenting.   As I define myself as mom, that definition has conclusions and points of view about what being a mom and being a “good” mom  are.  So the lid is closed on this box. When the lid is closed the possibilities shut down. Ugh

I’ve always been one to love the possibilities of the universe. I love when things show up unexpectedly and when life works out with trust and ease.

I’ve noticed that they have to keep showing up in the same way if the lid is on the box (if I am identifying with my definitions and conclusions).  I keep having the same parenting struggles. I keep hearing myself use the same tone with my boys.  I continue to stay in the sameness.


Possibilities are exciting! What is exiting to me is that something can be created that has never happened before.

Our voices respond to this box metaphor.

Is your box open or closed around your voice.

If you have thoughts like:  “I can’t sing. I have a bad voice. I could NEVER do that. My mom told me to simmer down. It’s not safe to speak up. People will laugh at  what I have to say. I never was given permission to speak. My mom was the singer.  It’s best if I keep quiet. I’m too intense. I’m a teacher. I’m a lawyer. I’m a badass. I’m a healer. I’m a ….. ”

Would you be willing to join me in “Un Defining”

I like the idea of seeing roles as possibilities rather then conclusions.

Roles tend to be ways of unconsciously defining ourselves.  Judgments seem to be truths that we are anchored to our whole lives.

BUT what if they weren’t.

What if the potency of your voice had nothing to do with roles or conclusions you made, good or bad?

What if  “I am an infinite being who just plays in the field of motherhood, coach, performer or what ever other energy I choose”

Definitions and conclusions cut off possible realities and choice… ahh I know I’m getting out there now, but what if every 10 seconds you get to create a new reality? You have a choice to open the lid of the box, jump out and leave behind what that box represented.

Defining, identifying and concluding creates sameness. It is a choiceless reality.

What are some realities you would like to create with your voice. What is the true potency of your voice?

Are your current roles, definitions, conclusions and judgements allowing that reality to come forth?

What boxes can you jump out of?

I am so excited by this topic I am going to do a Free Call on it!

If you would like to continue the conversation of

“The Joy of Your Undefined Voice”  Join me  Wednesday June 28th at 7pm (MST)

All the best!