Transformational Change Coaching

change session with Rebecca

Transformational Change Sessions

End the suffering today!

Would you like relief from:

Stress                                    Overwhelm                       Conflict

Sleeplessness                       Low self esteem             Trauma

Pain                                       Shyness                             Fear

Feeling Stuck                       Reactivity                         Overthinking

Posture issues                     Tension                              Judgment

Would you like support with:

Clarity                                                Developing your awareness                Choice

Owning your brilliance                  Building Confidence                             Abundance

Trusting yourself                             Launching                                               Gratitude

Ease in relationships                      Speaking out                                           Inner Harmony

Transformational change helps you to live from a well of trust and unwavering confidence assisting you to have a voice to be seen and heard.

Do you believe Your Voice Matters?

We are a great match if you:  

  • Are ready to take responsibility for your change
  • Are willing to bring the work we do into your lifestyle
  • Are open to learning to trust your awareness
  • Are open minded and willing to do what ever it takes to change
  • Are open to being an integral part of the change process


We are not a great fit if you:

  • Are committed to your “victim” story
  • Are a chronic “know it all” and sceptic
  • Are attached to a lack mentality
  • Feel the session is “done to you”

C  onsciousness

H  ealing

A   llowance

N   ewness

G    ratitude

E    volution

Transformational Change Sessions are unique to the individual and what they want to change.  Sessions may include Transformational coaching, metaphysical practices, energy work, posture work, sound healing, verbal processing, spirit/entity clearing, past life relief, dimensional reality work, yoga, meditation, voice work and more.

If you are ready for change and ready to stop the suffering, book a session today!

Packages of 5  recommended to support your change.

Tele sessions also available if you are out of the area 

Change Session facilitator

Call 303-859-3026 or email to schedule

Rebecca Abraxas is trained in the transformational work of Access Bars, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, IYT Yoga Therapy, Talk to the Entities and Wellness Education.  She has spent the past 20 years singing, performing and offering sound healing to audiences of all ages thru stage performances, workshops, one on one sessions and private classes.  She currently is  a voice and confidence coach for passion based entrepreneurs, as well as a change agent facilitator for individuals ready to evolve into their greatest possibility in their current embodiment and who are ready to stop the suffering.  Rebecca also finds joy and abundance in working with her husband’s video marketing company, New Focus Films, as an Assistant director and Actor.  She brings her developed awareness and intuition into each role she takes on for a potent outcome with each client or project.