Wellness is a holistic approach to preventative care that includes not only the body and mind but all areas of ones life. Wellness models and tools look to support the client in finding the best balance to areas of their lives that fill their cup and support optimal health.

Rebecca’s Brilliant YOU Wellness Model includes:

  • Nourishment – Food, drink, hobbies, friends, quiet time, etc
  • Expression – Voice, dance, body language, creativity, physical symptoms
  • Perceptions– thoughts, belief systems, conclusions, judgments, stress
  • Emotions– Feelings, Tension, reactions
  • Awareness – Subtle energy, unseen world, connection to the whole, your witness

Brilliant YOU wellness sessions include a tool box of strategies to choose from or to mix and match.

  • Access Bars
  • Holy Fire Reiki session and classes
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Sound Healing
  • Vocal Empowerment


You can choose a single session or  transformational packages!

Please call 303-859-3026 or email at rebeccaabraxas@gmail.com

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