What REALLY Works? Choice!

When it comes down to it, what really works? 

What works to get your message heard? What works to sing beautifully? What works to get the clients you desire? What works to parent with ease? What works to really get what you think you desire?

After many years of  looking at a lot of how to books,  a lot of business and spiritual and psychological philosophy the one common thread I’ve seen is CHOICE!   What would it take to fully 100% choose the change you are asking for.

Hint: if you are wining and complaining and still in the story of change not happening to you yet – you have not choosen change yet… no big deal  … choose it when you are ready. But be aware, that the energy of the  story of what you don’t have yet, cues the universe to match your life with that energy of what you don’t have yet.

So  a question you may want to ask your self is, “Am I really choosing “it” ?  (whatever it is for you)

Am I really choosing to be potent as hell and for my message to be heard and for my voice to be a powerful agent of expression that creates change in the world? 

Am I willing to be  BOLD, BRAVE AND BODACIOUS?imgres-2

The energy of choice  brings a laser like focus to what you are asking. This laser focus makes any modality or “how to model”  work.

YOU are the power behind the change, not the modality, not the bullet points,  not the tools or techniques.  

There are so many tools, practices, modalities, schools of thought, organizations, etc. All of them have their levels of success. The key ingredient?  YOU! Are you willing to choose, focus like never before, tune into the truest part of you, listen and be aware?  Then you are choosing change and you will see change occur!


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