Blog #6;WHole Singing: Make your life a Musical

In the past few weeks we talked about getting back to the deepest part of ourselves. We talked about coming back to a playful way to live life and sing and we talked about some exercises to get you there.  Today I want to talk a little about what calls you to sing.

This day in age we seem to want a magic pill, class or lesson to “learn” to do everything.  Maybe to sing, all we need is ourselves.  Throughout time, people have sung in celebration because it felt good.  They have sung when they have been frustrated and looking for solution because it felt good.  They sang to God in troubled times because it gave them hope and it felt good.  Do you sing because it feels good?

Today I am going to ask you to sing your day thru.  Sing when you are happy.  Sing when you’re mad.  Sing when you’re frustrated.  Most people I talk to say they like to sing, but they only sing in their shower or alone in their car.  If you feel called to sing, make your life a musical.  Sing while making dinner, while cleaning, while walking down the hall, etc.

Oh yeah, what will people think?  Hmmm.  There is a quote from the character Phil on Modern Family: “the minute I stopped caring what others thought was the minute I started having fun.”  This has been very true in my life.  If you would like to become a better singer, then you have to sing more often and let go of what the peanut gallery thinks.

Freedom awaits you with every song you sing.  Freedom in singing and freedom in your life.

So this week go make your life a musical!