Happy and Singing

I am in the process of beginning to write a book! Since the topic of the book is my journey to finding my voice, each time I reflect to write a page I am reminded of all that I have gone thru to get to today. I am also reminded that I have not always been ” happy and singing”. The road to happy and the road to singing for me has come hand in hand. What I have discovered is that when I am contracted in my life, I am contracted in my singing. The cool thing about this is that I have a really apparent barometer for how life is going for me!

Just this morning I was driving my son to school. It was a frustrating morning and I literally had to drag my seven year old out of bed. With clogged sinuses and letting the events of the morning get to me, I began the drive to school. My normal practice is to sing on the way thereby practicing the songs I am working on and saving time in my day. However, when I tried to sing it was tight and hoarse. Shoot, I thought to my self, I have to perform the next 3 nights. We got to school and I proceeded to complain to the first person who asked how I was. Not a pretty start to the day. I dragged myself home and did a 10 min workout, got my thoughts in line with some inspirational sites, and got creative by making some valentines. I found my expanded self and my happy me! Low and behold, as I was driving back to school to volunteer two hours later, I began to sing and my voice was free and clear !

I guess thru the years I have gotten better at not making a bad hour into a bad day and a bad day into a bad week. As a result I find myself happier and singing more. It is pretty amazing to look back and acknowledge the success I have made in the road to happiness and I am very thrilled the extra gift was freedom in singing. What Gifts has your happiness given you and what cool barometer does your life have?