Access Your Voice -Let Go Of Your Personality!!

Access Your Voice let go of your personality Have you ever noticed that who you think you are and the points of view you have about yourself, about what is right and wrong and about what is good and bad predict what you are willing to be and act out in your life?  There is a more potent way to express yourself in your reality and with your work.

Your personality is getting in the way of your voice!

                         Let go of your personality!

What if these points of view that are running your life and determining your expression were strategies you developed a long time ago to survive your family and your school life. What if these strategies are out dated and there is a more potent and more expressive way to live?

What if I told you the voice you are using right now today is actually the voice of a 5 year old or an 8 year old or a 13 year old?   Have you gained awareness and wisdom thru the years that are being squashed and unheard because of strong points of view that you established way back when?

What if it is way more potent and efficient to tune in to what is required with the situation in the present moment. Would you be willing to be and do what ever it takes to be a contribution to your client? Or do you think your 5 year old self has client relations in your grown up business covered?

How do you choose something different:

Your vocal expression and communication with others can be a tell tale sign of where you are functioning from in your life.  Vocal awareness can give you information as to whether you are functioning from the present moment or a past strategy.  Functioning from the present moment requires that you be extremely present with the energetics in the room with out referring back to a past situation to figure out how to react and communicate. Two questions you can use to get clear about what is required in the present moment are:

What is required here?

                           What can I be or do to be the biggest contribution here?

These questions will keep you in the present moment. These questions will give some ah ha possibilities to try. These questions do not give you concrete answers but they do inform you as to what to be or do next, given that you are willing to let go of your personality to express what is required.

For example, If you are someone who has a point of view about cussing and being loud or aggressive, you may be missing out on part of the rainbow of vocal expression that could be effective in a certain moment.

Now this is not permission to go and let out all your aggression on a client or your child or a friend . You see if you become aware that a more stern or aggressive approach is what may be required, you do it with no attachment to anger or negative feelings, you do it as a strategy.  To do this and use your voice in this effective way, what would it take to come from awareness rather then your personality, points of view and feelings. It’s putting your personality self aside and being willing to be the energy that will contribute to the person to create the most change.

Vise Versa, if your personality is stern, go – getter and no frills would you be willing to put that aside and voice your self with the tenderness that may be required?

Are you willing to use your voice in a way that would be the biggest contribution and create the most change?  Yes, you may  receive judgment, yes you may feel confused at first and yes you may see yourself and the reality around you change, including the freedom you have with your voice.


What REALLY Works? Choice!

When it comes down to it, what really works? 

What works to get your message heard? What works to sing beautifully? What works to get the clients you desire? What works to parent with ease? What works to really get what you think you desire?

After many years of  looking at a lot of how to books,  a lot of business and spiritual and psychological philosophy the one common thread I’ve seen is CHOICE!   What would it take to fully 100% choose the change you are asking for.

Hint: if you are wining and complaining and still in the story of change not happening to you yet – you have not choosen change yet… no big deal  … choose it when you are ready. But be aware, that the energy of the  story of what you don’t have yet, cues the universe to match your life with that energy of what you don’t have yet.

So  a question you may want to ask your self is, “Am I really choosing “it” ?  (whatever it is for you)

Am I really choosing to be potent as hell and for my message to be heard and for my voice to be a powerful agent of expression that creates change in the world? 

Am I willing to be  BOLD, BRAVE AND BODACIOUS?imgres-2

The energy of choice  brings a laser like focus to what you are asking. This laser focus makes any modality or “how to model”  work.

YOU are the power behind the change, not the modality, not the bullet points,  not the tools or techniques.  

There are so many tools, practices, modalities, schools of thought, organizations, etc. All of them have their levels of success. The key ingredient?  YOU! Are you willing to choose, focus like never before, tune into the truest part of you, listen and be aware?  Then you are choosing change and you will see change occur!


Vocal awareness For Easeful Parenting.

Vocal awareness equals more ease with parenting?


Vocal Awareness is being aware of what is happening with your voice at any given time of the day. There is information in the volume, the tone, the pitch and the quality of your voice that you can use to make some choices that will support you in your parenting.

Are you showing up for your children? 

Are you being present with them?

Are you getting the results from your children that work for you in your home?

Are you totally resourced and aligned with your true self while communicating with them? 

This is all in your voice and you can begin to listen to your voice with ears and awareness that will help you take a step back and ask questions like, “What is this? Who am I being? Is this working? ” 

When you can take a step back to ask these questions you will begin to become more aware of what is going on for you. For example, maybe you are asking your boys to clean up their dishes.  Notice the tone you are using. Are they hearing your?  Do you have overwhelm in your voice? Is your voice monotone? Is it loud? Does it have a nagging tone to it?  Is it working? Are your boys responding?

By becoming aware of where you are and what tone you are using, you open your self up to making a conscious choice of where to speak from.  If you notice that you have overwhelm in your voice and your boys are not responding, (because  really who wants to get near someone in over whelm) you then can tune in to you,  expand your energy by taking a deep breath and use a tone that would work better.

Our tone of voice can let us know if we are tired, annoyed, frustrated, scared, overwhelmed, bored, mad etc. The cool part about becoming aware of your voice is that you can then consciously pick a tone that will work for the situation but not make vital the feeling behind it.

For example, many boys respond more ease fully to a stern louder voice. What if you could be that potency with out feeling stern? It is just an aware choice. Most parenting experts agree that if you can be stern with out being invested in an emotion behind it, the children will see a more emotionally regulated adult and learn emotional health as a result.

As a parent your voice is powerful and it is that much more powerful if you become aware of what your voice is really saying and make conscious choices about how to use it.

Bottom line:  Vocal Awareness really does equal easeful parenting!



1 Tip 2 Tools To Be Your True Self & Massively Impact The World

Be your true self and massively impact the worldDid you know the greatest impact you can make on the planet is thru being your true self?

Sounds good right? But what really is your  ‘TRUE SELF’.   Your true self knows no fears, no limitations, no judgments and knows only possibility.  How often do you not only live from that space of being but also speak from that space of being?  When you are your true self it is a power magnet to what you truly desire in your life which usually includes  some way of impacting the world in a positive way!

It may or may not be easy to be aware of whether you are in your true self. One thing for sure is if you are experiencing fear, limitation, or judgment you are not there.   So if you become aware that you are experiencing these things I have a tip for you.

1 Tip:  Ask, “What is this?”  then ask, “Who does this belong to?”and then      CLEAR THE FIELD!

There is a field around you that scientists are beginning to call the Bio Field. This is the energy around you that proceeds the denser energy of your body. What is in your Bio Field actually affects you.  Interestingly enough not all the energies that are collected in your Bio Field are yours – You see not every thought, feeling and emotion you are experiencing is yours. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, says that 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions actually are someone else’s we picked up along the way to be helpers (if you have this pattern, what would it take to change that and help the world in a different way that is not so destructive to you?)  If we let go of 98% of what we are thinking and feelings what is left? – A lot of our TRUE SELF!! And that is the space where we make our massive impact in the world!

3 Tools:  To Clear The Field

                 1.  Return To Sender –

Once you have an AH HA moment and realize what thoughts, feelings and emotions are not yours you can say “return to sender”.  The unseen world is quit responsive to awareness.  Once you become aware of whats not yours then it’s like shining a flashlight on the dark corners of a closet. You bring light to something that you couldn’t find, you find it and then it can be moved, used or removed. Ultimately you are more choice to be your true self.

                 2.  Physically Clear the Field –

If you have a sense that you are not being your true self you can physically brush your hands down your arms and down your body and say, “I’m clearing the field”. This will clear the field of energy that is not yours. Again, your awareness with your choice to let something go is powerful enough to change what you are experiencing. A lot of that has to do with the fact that most of it is not yours!


Clearing the field is a powerful tool to get to your True Self. The cool part about that is when you speak or sing or express from that space of being there is no fear, no judgment and no limitation, only possibility. Do you have a sense this could make it way more easier to present yourself in front of any room or audience with potency and impact?  Are you willing to be more of you? Are you willing to express more of you? Are you willing to help change the world?


Until next time –

Keep being brilliant!


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Want To Be Happy? Start Singing!

I’ve noticed thru the years that many people have a wish to sing yet don’t. I’ve also noticed some people do not have any interest what so ever in singing.

Becoming aware of your resistance or openness to singing can give you a lot of information about where you are holding back and what you are holding back.  Want to be happy? Then start singing.

I propose that whether you want to sing but won’t or whether you have no interest in singing at all that there is a core belief that has robbed you of one of our greatest tools humans have to access joy.  Singing. Want to be happy? Start Singing!

Here are 3 scenarios from the past that keep a lot of people from singing that I’ve heard:

1- My teacher said I couldn’t sing

2- I got laughed at in elementary school when I sang

3- I hated singing in church as a kid


Here are 3 reasons from the present that keep a lot of people from singing:

1- I can’t sing, I’m awful

2- You don’t want to hear me sing, I only sing in the shower or the car

3- Reminds me of church, I want nothing to do with that


Can you see a link from the past to the present? Can you see how some core beliefs that were established from a very young age stole your interest in singing and secretly hid one of the most fun and easiest ways to access your joy?


What I’m curious about is does it really stop at singing or do these core beliefs rob us from receiving joy in other areas of our lives?

We are these amazing embodiments of source energy. Each of us a unique expression that will never happen ever again and here we are unable to express this brilliance.   Year after year buying into the core beliefs of “I’m scared I won’t get it right”, or “I’m anxious I’ll get rejected” or “this or that will always be a bad experience”. These beliefs show up in our work day constantly, in parenting or trying anything new. This inflexibility to create a new reality keeps us in a limited reality and limits our joy immensely in our lives.  If you think you are happy and you don’t sing… Guess what? There is a whole other level of joy you could be experiencing, but you wouldn’t want that or would you?


What I find fascinating is that clearing up resistance to singing can actually clear up resistance to lots of things in your life and you will find some ease, freedom and happiness along the way.


            Humans were meant to sing, just like we were meant to talk, walk, dance, make love, eat etc. 


Want to be happy? My challenge to you is to take a month and start a Happy and Singing Journal.


  • Sing something everyday. Sing several times a day. Sing in front of someone. Sing along with someone. While you sing take notice how you feel. Do you feel good? Do you feel silly? Do you feel bored?  Do you feel anxious?  Track these feelings everyday  and next to the feeling write the question, “What is this?” ( do not answer this question)
  • A question empowers you to open your self up to awareness. After several days of this process above I want you to add another step. Write down what you are aware of  after you write down, “What is this?”. Notice if you become aware of any memories or beliefs you have about your voice, the process of singing or any negative experiences you have had around singing or using your voice.
  • Now begin writing down next to these discoveries what age you were when they came into your life. Was it a very long time ago? Is it possible that it may not still be true?  Would you be willing to create a new story about singing and using your voice?
  • Lastly, what is the new story?  …. and the next day’s new story….. and the next and the next …

You have an opportunity to tell a new story each day about singing?  (You have an opportunity to tell  a new story each day bout your life)


I’m curious are you happier after this month exploration?  

              Do you still have anxiety about singing?

                              Do you have more interest in singing? 

                                               Do you have less anxiety in general? 

I would love to hear about your journey!

All the best to you on your path to happy and singing!