Rampage of Appreciation & the Art of Public Speaking

Rebecca ABraxas, Access Your VoiceWe have all been there.

Super excited about the presentation or performance we are going to do then the nerves and the self judgment come in and we contract and our minds start spinning out of control. 

What I have noticed over the years is that I can remedy this with a simple technique called “A rampage of appreciation”.

When you contract in fear, stress and anxiety you are hindering your bright light you have to share with others.

This process can help you release the stress and anxiety you have with getting in front of people and it can raise your vibration so you feel bright, on fire and on purpose with your speech and with your audience.

The rampage of appreciation is very simple to do. Just begin appreciating everything around you –  Everything about this speaking gig you have, everything wonderful and not wonderful in your life… Appreciate it.

You can do it in your head or write it down. Do it the night before your appearance and the morning of, maybe even on the way there.

This will help you calm your nerves and find a potent space to speak and give from. It will also prime your audience to receive you talk!

How does it get better then that!?

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