Unleash Your Voice By Knowing Your Birthday

unleash-your-voice-bdayAre you ready to Unleash your VOICE?

Are you frustrated with not having the volume or the courage to talk in front of peers, colleagues or clients? 

I recently had several women in my vocal empowerment workshop who were looking for more confidence with their voices.  As the day unfolded I began exploring some of the blocks that were surfacing in the room by asking them some questions. One of the questions was, ” What decade were you born in?”.   They looked at me curiously and told me the 50’s.   We explored deeper by looking at the role of women and the common points of view of women’s voices in the 1950’s.  It didn’t take long for them to have a huge A HA  moment!

Then the ladies started to remember all the slogans they grew up with especially, “Children should be seen not heard”.  I asked what was the role of a women’s voice in the 1950’s. They shook their heads, “there was no role” they said.  “You weren’t given a voice”.  My next question was, “Are you still holding that point of view and could that be something that is stifling your voice?”   It was a unanimous YES.

My question to you is, “What decade were you born in and what role did women or men play in that decade?”   While you take a look at what the collective perspectives were you may notice that you have some of those same perspectives creating tension and holding patterns in your body that could be effecting your ability to get your voice out with ease and confidence. Some of these perspectives may not be recognized on a conscious level but can be hiding in your subconscious.

How do you uncover the subconscious belief systems that are holding your voice back?  

How do you bring them up to a conscious level and unleash them?

 One of the things that has worked for me is very deep listening thru stillness and meditation. Also my yoga practice has informed me deeply of the subconscious things that are holding me back, as well as, Reiki and a process called Access Bars.  What ever approach you take be sure to be patient with yourself as once you begin the process of releasing old programming it can be like cleaning a turkey pan…. it can get pretty yucky before it gets clean….but it is worth it!

Unleashing your voice is a wonderful side effect of finding your true nature thru the process of letting go of old programming and old belief systems that were taken on by you to survive and fit in. They just are not needed any more!

Have fun, I’m so excited for you!