The Gift of Be Here Now


I’ve spent so many of my days reaching, pondering and trying.

For what you may ask?

To be my best self, to find my highest consciousness, to feel better and to helpful to others.

I have to say living this way has some rewards but after a while it is exhausting.

Today I caught myself again in meditation and doing that same reaching instead of giving myself the gift of be here now.

In pure presence there is no reaching, no asking, no guidance, no anything but the acknowledgement of the sensations, thoughts and energy.   Just being with what is.

Being here now is great and all but how does it pay the bills, get my work done and create forward in my life?

I know right?   Well it seems to me, from what I’ve gathered, is that the energy of ‘be here now’ is full of possibility and allowance and that energy itself is a frequency that attracts that next moment.  When we create forward from that possibility we actually are creating from a higher frequency then our judgments and projections of what life could and should look like.

The gift of  BE HERE NOW  is that you get to start a new reality with endless possibilities in it rather then taking the past and projecting it into your future.

So how do you get to the space of BE HERE NOW?

Here are a few practices that work for me:

1- Appreciate the present moment:  the sensations in your body, the colors and sights around you and the sounds you hear.

2- Follow and focus on your breath:  in and out, deep and shallow, expanding and contracting

3- Breath and Sound :  Take a breath and use your voice to make a sound; let go of any judgement, just make a sound from where you are right now

We are highly trained thinkers and questioners in this culture. We have become mega minds!    But the mind is just a tool  that originated to assist the whole of us – the source of us – THE BLISS BODY.  To assist the ever expanding consciousness of the universe.   Being here now is actually the greatest tool to experiencing our truest nature – our bliss body.

I have found that vocal awareness is a fascinating tool to see where we are playing …. judgement of our voice and frequencies of our voice give us so much awareness of what is active, where we are creating from and what is keeping us from that here and now …. AND then being present with all that LOL.

So take a breath … let out a sound … and be completely and utterly present with what shows up!

Have fun!