Loving the Change, The Power of Peri-Menopause

Ok Ladies, … anyone out there on the brink of transitioning into a whole new era of their lives?

A powerful time of life

At 47, I’m noticing that all the names like, pre menopause, perimenopause, menopause and post menopause are trying to describe symptoms that women go through during a profound transformation in their lives. Any each name comes with negative and disempowering messages.
In my point of view this is a POWERFUL TIME OF LIFE. One that is taking us into a whole new era of detachment, spiritual growth and wisdom.
While physically it has some challenges, it is a super awesome opportunity to grow exponentially in our awareness and consciousness.

My hot flashes and insomnia

So, I’ve been going through a few months of hot flashes, insomnia, and exhaustion. Exploring many avenues for relief has left me still with no answers.  I’ve cried and crumbled, been faced with awareness of old belief systems, been through a rage of emotions only to come to the position I am in now.
HOLY WOW this is a transformational process into a whole new era of this embodiment and I am excited!!
In this process I’ve come to see these hot flashes in a whole new light. Instead of seeing myself as broken and trying to stop them, I’ve invited them in. I’ve thanked them and actually I’ve gotten excited about them.

Transformational component of fire

Heat can be seen as a fire inside. Fire is the element of the direction of the South, the element of transformation and change.
These surges of heat for me are nothing short of a miracle.
In most my research these flashes are said to be the result of the shift in estrogen. Yet other resources say they really don’t know what they are caused by.  Others say it is a nervous system response to perhaps the Epstein Bar Virus. Yet another source says it is due to a toxic liver  from the toxic world we live in.  
But something doesn’t sit right with me here. It just doesn’t add up.
In the yogic tradition there is a fire that surges through the body when the soul is transforming to another level of consciousness. It is called Kundalini rising. Perhaps this is the root of hot flashes?

The most toxic component of our lives

In my point of view the most toxicity we live with is the toxicity of our own thoughts and points of view.
We are in an era in the collective history that tells us that our thoughts create our reality. So ladies, what do you want to think about this time in your life?
Will you create thoughts that create possibility or thoughts that create toxicity and stagnation?

A new view on hot flashes

SO I’ve decided to turn this around.
Here is a poem I wrote the other day about my hot flashes. This is what I am sticking to and since I’ve chose to view it this way they have subsided during the night time, I’ve been sleeping better, and I feel empowered and detached from what is happening rather then weak, broken and old.
“I see my hot flashes as a burning up of the parts of my ego that are not serving me-
I see these hot flashes as a surge of life force energy that are blessing my transition into the wise woman era of this embodiment-
I see my hot flashes as an initiation to a new paradigm that has been calling to me for a long time –
I see my hot flashes as a gift from the energy of source that heard my asking for something deeper –
I see my hot flash as a reminder that I am not a stagnant body but an ever changing soul embodied for the evolution of the earth and consciousness-
With each hot flash I pause and say .. thank you, thank you, thank you ” – Rebecca Abraxas

Creating a power surge for what’s next

You can create something different then what the collective is labeling as menopause.  Perhaps as a collective of women we can begin to infiltrate and renew the old paradigm and create a new one where these years are fulfilling, purposeful and powerful.  What if these years allow for the wise woman to emerge and be an example of a higher level of consciousness that will add to the evolution of the planet and consciousness.

Amen sister!

These are the years our potent gifts that may have been shut down or unaccepted through the years  blossom. These are the years we release the old programming of the ego and renew it with the program of our spirits. These are the years we walk lightly on the earth as examples of peace, wisdom and love.

If you would like to RENEW your perspective and RENEW YOU as you enter a new era of your life I’d love to be your guide. Would support and accountability assist you in this transition.  Click here to see my new 3 month RENEW YOU journey.