A Reiki Love Story: The gift of Holy Fire Reiki In a Marriage

My Reiki love story:

I recently was in a challenging space in my marriage.  I’ve noticed after 16 years that it seems to go through cycles.  Sometimes when I am on a downslope it can get pretty ugly.   The past 3 down slopes that we have gone through have been met with the gift of Holy Fire Reiki.  You’d think I would begin to trust this new wonderful presence in my life, but each time I gaze in to my husbands eyes in disbelief of once again where Holy Fire Reiki has taken us!

My Spontaneous Healing

This last down slope was pretty uncomfortable. So much so I contemplated an exit strategy. Until the day I was guided to my next healing that would take place. It happened on Friday morning. I sat to do my Reiki Meditation and was guided to look at my book shelf. Then a book popped out at me that I haven’t picked up in about 15 years!  The book was “The Anatomy of Spirit” by Caroline Myss.  I was guided to open to the chapter that talked about the second chakra and then did my meditation. After that I was guided to the chapter on the first chapter. Two and a half hours later I was in tears of gratitude. There was a spontaneous healing while reading those chapters.  I got very clear guidance to stay with my marriage.

My heart opened and grew a few sizes and I went to embrace my husband  to let him know how sorry I was for withdrawing my love, for the projections I was placing on him and for not trusting our journey.  I also let him know all the healing that took place within those two hours around old family wounds, shame and self sabotage. After I shared with him this experience he agreed to read the book as well.

Quantum leaps and spontaneous healing is something I have heard about but I don’t have a lot of experience with. Healing for me has been more subtle and consistent and seems to require a bit more effort on my part.  This experience was spontaneous and took both of us  from a closed shut off place of fear, doubt and exasperation to unconditional love, trust and vulnerability within a few hours.  I feel very humbled and blessed to have received this healing.

Opening to Receive this Gift

Fast forward to Sunday evening. My husband and I had a date night.  I wanted to “talk” – a man’s biggest fear LOL.   Yet he shared deeply, with clarity and humility and a sense of love that I have never experienced in our relationship before. His voice was patient and kind and had a level of ownership and compassion in it that was new. He agreed that all this did seem like a quantum leap but that it felt true and he felt  a sense of peace with our relationship.

OK! I’ll take it.  I didn’t want this good feeling we had right after our hard times to be brushed under the bed and taken for granted. Shouldn’t we “process” and make sure we knew what was alive in each other’s hearts. I wanted to make lists and agreements. Yet after hearing his heart and feeling the healing that happened in mine, I was willing to just say thank you, get out of my head, get out of controlling it all and be grateful for this blessing we received on our marriage.

I’m even thinking about when we can renew our vows!

Holy Fire Reiki has a way of working with relationships and communication. Sometimes its subtle and sometimes it is a sudden quantum leap into something that you think will take years to unravel.  What I’ve noticed is that it can be uncomfortable and push boundaries and edges and can open you up.  What I’ve learned most from this experience is to trust, surrender and offer it up to Reiki and be still enough to listen for the guidance.



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  1. Hana Tlili
    Hana Tlili says:

    Hi dear Rebecca, the story is impressive, but I have laid on my heart to tell you few things. I used to do Reiki more than 15 years. I had second level of Reiki but after that I found out, that Reiki is very dangerous game to play. It comes from occultism and has a very dark background. I came to Jesus Christ and He got me delivered from it. Its deception and illusion. Please find the right spiritual source. There are two types of “energies”. The one from God and the one from the devil. Reiki is not from God. Please do not take this my note lightly. Seek God and you will find Him. He will reveal Himself to you if you will seek Him with your whole heart. Jesus can give you real guidance. He will give you solutions for all you will ever face. Read the Scriptures. Pray. Repent of your sins and turn to Him. He is alive and will take care of you.
    Sending you hug

    • rebeccaabraxas
      rebeccaabraxas says:

      i’m curious Hana, how did you find out it was dangerous. Holy Fire Reiki is part of Christ consciousness. If you look back into the origin of the word reiki it relates to another name for God, The supreme being or Universal life force. Not all modern western Reiki is the same energy. People have channeled other things and called it Reiki. What Reiki did you get attuned to? I believe in God, I believe in Love and I believe in the light on oneness… anything that is dark is just our free will blocking us from remembering our connection to God. Holy Fire Reiki assists us in letting go of these blocks and helps us remember our connection to God. When we are tuning into the frequency of God, no other energies can affect us. We don’t need protection. At least this is how I see it. I have grown up Catholic, in my 20s I was born again and took Jesus into my heart, I’ve read scriptures, I pray, I receive guidance and I have been guided to Holy Fire Reiki. It has offered me much peace and has developed my faith. It continues to grow my relationship with God. Thank you for your concern, ultimately, though each person will have their journey to God. Unless someone is asking, in my opinion, it is best to open to the oneness and the light of God in each person and trust God will make her way to them. I am curious about what brought you to be so righteous about this. Would you mind telling me that story?


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