Did you know your voice is a healing tool?

All you have to do is activate your voice’s healing capacity. I know that sounds like a big deal and you may be seeing a lot of ads for training on social media about “how to activate your voice”  lately. However, activating your voice for healing is way simpler than you may think. That said, sometimes simple is not easy.

The simple truth on how to activate your voice for healing…

Your voice has many roles. We know about the role it has to communicate words and the role it has to sing and express a pretty song. However, you may not know the capacity of the voice to process emotions, trauma, and stuck energy that causes disharmony in the mind and body. The simple truth about how to activate your voice for healing is that it can be done with a simple intention.

Think about breathing and making sounds. When you breathe in and out you do not make a sound but the moment your mind wants to vocalize, the intention is set instantaneously and the breath as it passes the vocal cords produces a vibration and then the sound comes out of your mouth. Using your voice for healing is as simple as intending it to do so.  It is as simple as intending,  “I am processing and healing with my voice”

Simple but maybe not easy

Using the voice is vulnerable. It is linked to a lot of our parts that have big feelings, and wounds and it is linked to parts that are trying to protect us from being hurt again. So while vocalizing for healing is simple, the parts that are protecting us may make it hard to do. So the key is to take it slow and gently, learn about these parts, and get curious about them.  Then learn how to use the voice to soooth the parts into trusting you. process the hurt, and express these energies fully.

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to sing in front of people?

Your level of discomfort with singing in front of others is telling you a lot.  Using your voice can be extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable because of the unaddressed feelings, emotional habits, protection put up, and disconnection from the whole of you. It’s hard to vocalize in front of others,  even though you want to, because there is very old wounding that is locking you up – old thoughts, feelings, emotions, and belief systems. It is this experience with the voice that becomes a barometer for your healing.

Activating your voice for healing involves these 5 things

Once you set the intention for using your voice for healing, then you can use these 5 things to set your journey in motion.

  1. Vocal Empowerment – address the challenges that keep you from expressing with your voice
  2. Vocal Awareness -notice the messages your voice is giving you about the blocks to expressing freely
  3. Vocal Technique -learning about the somatic instrument your voice is and the possibilities with sound you have
  4. Voice Energy- using the voice to clear the energy channels and balance chakras and breathing patterns
  5. Vocal Connection– exploring the ability your voice has to connect you to your Source Self and Soul Voice

The ability of your voice to bring you to wholeness

Your voice has your back. It can bring you to wholeness; that healed space of merging the healed masculine and the healed feminine energies of your personality into the wholeness of the individual Source of your beingness. When you sing from this healed space it is euphoric and free. Not only that, but your voice becomes healing for others to listen to as well.  You will begin to feel soothed and elevated by the sound of your voice and people will hear the vibration of Source that reminds them of their own Source Nature.

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