• Do you want to get out of bed excited about your day as if you were a kid again?

  • Do you want to stop the yoyo emotions & triggers that sabotage your fun?

  • Do you want to feel deeply connected to your soul & have clear guidance? 

  • Do you want to have purpose & be inspired by the work you’re doing?

Did you answer “YES?”   

Scroll down to learn about my ALIGN: Custom Sound Therapy Program! 

I can help you entrain to the life you most desire.

Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated, what if you could feel happy when you wake up?

What if instead of feeling confused and impatient, you could feel clear and on purpose when you are at work?

In addition, deep inner peace and

connection around family and friends, let’s make that possible.

Start to shine bright in everything you do!

There is a spark of magic and divinity in you!

Perhaps you feel it, but does living it every day prove to be challenging?

You are not alone and it is not your fault!

How to Shift into the Magic of  YOU

I want to share an effective way of shifting energy with sound therapy so that you feel your authentic magical self every day!

When my clients align with their authentic source nature through my ALIGN program, it gives them a break from the intense highs and lows of life.  It offers them inner peace, an unwavering sense of confidence, and a deeper purpose.

The possibilities are truly exciting!

What’s Possible?

My clients have experienced fewer mood swings and triggers. They find themselves laughing and smiling more, as well as feeling more confident and clear in regard to their purpose.

Their mind quiets down, and they see things with a new lens of appreciation and gratitude on steroids!

How it works

This is not a magical energy, it is the science of vibrational bioacoustics -Sound Therapy.

Sound and vibration are the medicine of the future.

I take intentional frequencies and light codes and put them into healing tones to process, shift and entrain your body, mind, and spirit’s resonant wellness frequencies.

The next step

If this feels like a big YES to you, then I am excited to connect, start your mentoring and get your Custom Sound Therapy recording made!

Please schedule your discovery call, where I can answer questions, and get your program started.

Schedule Here: https://calendly.com/rebecca-abraxas/alignment-discovery-call

Align: Custom Sound Therapy Program

  1. Private 1:1, 60-minute intake assessment and Mentoring to uncover your present vibrational blocks and vision and explore together the vibrational reality you want to live and align with.
  2. A custom-made produced 30 min MP3 Sound Therapy Recording is then made from your personal assessment information using light codes through light language singing, crystal bowls, and frame drum. A personal affirmation is also created just for you from the information uncovered from our intake. You are asked to listen to this recording every day for 30-40 days to entrain your vibration to your new set point to reset your subconscious so you start living the peace, joy, and purpose you most desire.
  3.  Daily Email Mentoring Support for one month to support you through the shifts, changes, and ah-has that happen along the way to your new vibrant living. You are supported and never alone through the process
  4. Private 1:1, 60-minute Follow-up Integration and Mentoring Session to share about your transformation, receive additional support to embody your new high frequency, and learn to surf the waves of life so you never spiral down and get stuck again.

Investment: $597

Do you have questions? Ready to get started?

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