Popping into Awakening

The Great Awakening has many people “popping’ into awakening. The moment people realize they are a spiritual being with a human experience they have started their remembering journey. It is an exciting time as well as an intense time.  However, this curious time has several stages that give some relief through some of the more difficult experiences. Knowing what stage you are in can help you navigate what your personal practice will look like.

4 Stages

The awakening journey the way I see it has 4 stages that happen over and over again.  Being in the awakening process is an infinite continuous journey. This means you never really complete it as the Universe is ever-expanding. The four stages are 1) being curious and choosing, 2) broadening your perspective, 3) growing awareness and allowance, and 4) seeing more possibilities. Each stage leads into the other until you find another possibility.  The next possibility gets you curious again. I see it as a wheel of awakening.

The first stage is all about the quickening. You will notice you get really curious about where you are. Consequently, you start to look outside the form and structure you are in which leads to the second stage of broadening your perspective. In stage two you will be drawn to teachers, books, and more information to support your broadening perspective.  As your perspective lands, you head to stage 3 to grow your awareness. This stage is where you may be drawn to more inner stillness. You may notice you want to put all the books aside.  Finally, the fourth stage is possibility. It offers you another community or form to focus on. Detachment is required here – the ability to let go of the old spiritual shell and try on a new one. From there you get curious again and the process starts again.

Letting go in every stage

All these stages have a level of ego death, releasing of old programming, and ascension symptoms (or anchoring symptoms). These components can be uncomfortable at times but are necessary to remember the greatness of our infinite selves.  In my own journey, I see all these stages happening over and over again as I expand my consciousness to a lighter and lighter frequency.