Do you struggle to like your voice?

It’s a pretty common thing to not like your voice or to say you don’t have a voice or to say I can’t sing But what is really going on here?

The thing is if you can talk you can sing, it is the same apparatus – the breath, the vocal chords and the intention. So what goes on when you are asked to elongate the speaking sound into a singing sound?

There seems to be a disconnect that happens. Would you agree?

Here are some perspectives I have:

People say they can’t sing to protect themselves from judgement and ridicule.

People say they can’t sing because in the past someone said they couldn’t and they believed them.

People say they can’t sing because they compare themselves to professionals and they don’t sound like the professional so they assume they must have a bad voice.

People say they can’t sing so they can keep expectations low.

People say they can’t sing because they have not been trained and that training required to sing.

Where the heck did I get these perspectives? Well personally I have lived them all AND after talking to a lot of people about their voice this seems to be the awareness that surfaces. What is your awareness around your voice?

While folks can probably live just fine without singing in their lives, what gets me curious is where are these perspectives sticking people in other areas of their lives.

By building vocal awareness I have grown the ability to trust myself, to be ok with being seen and heard, to develop positive communication skills, to express deeply, to have my intuition, to be creative, to write poems and songs, to sing if I choose to and to trust my self deeply.

What I have discovered over the years for me is that not liking or trusting my voice was directly related to not liking or trusting myself!! While some would say that to be a “good” speaker or singer one would need voice lessons, I would say that the remedy goes deeper then that. I would say to get to a place of liking your voice and being effective with using it,  one would dive into finding the seed of where you stopped liking YOU and remedy the disconnection from the essence of life energy you are.

So some questions that can begin the vocal awareness process are:

How old were you when you stopped singing those spontaneous songs as a kid?

Where were you when an adult judged your voice for the first time?

What belief holds your voice captive to a past reality?

Who and what inside you wants to speak and sing today if you allowed it?

Lets see where this all goes.  I’d love to hear your comments and what came up for you.