Explore Reiki

Come explore a stress reduction technique based in gentle hands on energy work.  This energy helps jump start your body and awakens your body’s own wisdom.

An evening to explore the energy of Holy Fire Reiki.


  • A Holy Fire Meditation experience for deep relaxation and healing
  • What Your voice sounds like on Reiki
  • Where Holy Fire Reiki came from
  • How it can be a personal practice
  • What it takes to become a Reiki Master
  • What it can benefit

Many people around the globe have experiences of Reiki transforming their lives, developing positive parts of their personalities, easing pain and discomfort,  helping them gain confidence, and growing unconditional love in their hearts.  Some have said they started sleeping better and have better mental health.  Some have made a new career out of Reiki. Even some hospitals have developed their own Reiki program because they see the results of patients being comforted by it. Reiki has  a way of calling to people. If you feel  curious, I invite you to join one of our Explore Reiki nights.

Monthly at 7pm -8:30 in Lafayette

RSVP for address, rebecca@reikiandvoice.com

Donation $10 – $20

Explore Reiki

October 18th

November 26th

December 13th

January 17th