Holy Fire Reiki ART/Master Teacher Class

Take your Reiki to the next level for your clients and for your personal practice in this Holy Fire Reiki ART/Master Class. This is a 3-day intensive training with lecture, Q &A, meditation, and lots of hands-on practice.

If you have been a practicing Reiki 2 practitioner for at least 6 months and have been certified by a teacher in person, this class is open to you!

You will receive:

  • 2 Master symbols to upgrade your Reiki
  • A guide upgrade so your spirit guides are of the highest consciousness
  • The advanced Reiki placement to awaken your Reiki 3 energy
  • The preignition to detox and get you ready for your Master Ignition
  • The 2 Holy Fire ignitions to give you your Holy Fire Master Reiki energy
  • The Healing Fire ignition to give you the ability to give HF Reiki experiences

By the end of your Holy Fire Reiki ART/Master Teacher training you will be a Certified Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher able to conduct Holy Fire experiences and teach classes. Your Holy Fire III Reiki ART/Master Teacher training will also deepen your spiritual practice and develop your intuition. The energy this class offers you can immensely clarifying all areas of your life and deepen your sense of presence, faith, and peace.

You will learn how to:

  • Do spirit attachment releases to clear blocks and distractions from entity energy
  • How to do a Reiki crystal grid to support goals and healing
  • Do a Reiki movement meditation
  • How to do an Aura Clearing or psychic surgery
  • How to use your voice with Reiki and in sessions
  • Teach Reiki from the ICRT Class outlines

Your Holy Fire Reiki energy will be awakened to the Master level which will involve deep healing, release and detoxing. This class will also upgrade all your Reiki to the Holy Fire III Reiki system.

This training is semi-private with only 4 people so there is a lot of space and time for questions and hands-on practice.

Investment: $1000, Includes  186 page ART/Master Teacher Manual

payment plans are an option

(payments are non-refundable, but can be used as credit for an upcoming training)

Pay down payment of $350 to hold spot (link coming)

Pay in full below

Holy Fire III Reiki ART/MASTER

July 13, 14, and 15th 9am – 6:30pm