Awakened Voice Mentoring Method

Liberate yourself through the power of your Voice

Awakened Voice Mentoring Intensives

Finally, liberate yourself!

These experiential journeys process dense emotional habits, limiting thought patterns, and wounding that keep you from your resonant frequency.

Have you noticed you have tried many healing modalities only to feel you are right back where you started?  Many practices fluff your vibration but do not go into the root or even the seed of what is keeping your feeling “stuck.”

Our time together takes you beyond just self-expression to a space of remembering your GREATNESS.

During these sessions, I will guide you through my mentoring method to gain insight into what is blocking you from your personal power, inner peace, and deeper purpose.

My mentoring method has 3 areas we cover:  1) Releasing Density 2) Filling with Light 3) Tuning the Waves through a life coaching model of sound therapeutics,  vocal toning,  sounding, guided questions, and prescribed practices to process energy, release the roots in your subconscious and align yourself with your resonant frequency of joy

True liberation requires deep release that vibrational therapy can get to.

Additionally, Your Awakened Voice will let you know:

  • Where you are holding tension in your body
  • What mental/ emotional components are holding you back
  • How to deepen your spiritual and energetic connection
  • Where to focus for optimal vocal tone
  • How to be sung from your highest self
  • How to use vocal toning to sustain your high vibration
  • How to shift into trusting your authentic expression
  • What chakras require attention to evolve into its new model

You may begin to notice:

  • You don’t see yourself getting hooked into the drama of life as much
  • You respond instead of react
  • You trust yourself through your voice
  • Your intuition is clear
  • Your nervous system is less triggered
  • Your voice feels free and open
  • You begin to like your voice and yourself more
  • You are at ease with talking to others in social situations or on stage
  • Your self-esteem is boosted
  • You develop inner peace and a deeper purpose
  • The tone of your voice becomes rich and pure
  • You have ease with your vocal range
  • You notice you are just happier more of the time

Awakened Voice Private Mentoring Method:

A systematic way to finally shift out of the past and live the possibilities you know are possible.

Treat yourself to a mini-retreat, I come to your home and we spend hours focused exclusively on your process, supporting you to blossom.

Single 60 min sessions: $150  4 pack: $525

Private retreat intensives with Rebecca – will come to your home or it is available on Zoom

Private 1/2 day Mini Retreat (4 hours): $600

Full-Day Personal Retreat (7 hours):  $975

(Each person added to your retreat is $100, retreat days can include up to 6 people)

Each intensive includes private holistic personalized mentoring, yoga, voice work, and a quantum sound bath with crystal bowls, voice, and drums.

Each intensive is followed up with a month of daily email mentoring

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“What we are doing here is not just singing a pretty song, we are awakening to the very TRUTH that breaths us into existence.  We are opening up to being SUNG” 

– Rebecca Abraxas, Awakened Voice Mentoring