I thought I healed this already

You are not alone if a mother wound has resurfaced and you are wondering, where the heck did this come from? Mother wounds are core-deep wounds that are deep groves in our nervous system and our subconscious mind. To stop them from sabotaging your life,  it takes healing over and over again and they require you to make a choice a very important choice, when you are ready.

Mother wounds can revolve around abandonment, withholding of love, boundary issues, issues with perfectionism, self-worth, self-esteem challenges, and self-sabotage – to name a few. When they surface in your life, sometimes it is hard to make sense of your reaction until you get some feedback or sit in meditation. You may find the resurfaced wound taking over your thoughts and you may feel out of control, which may feel scary or even make you feel angry.

My chest feels like I am having a heart attack..

Chest pressure and stomach aches are common signs that the energy of this core wound is hanging out in your body.  Have you ever felt the lump in your throat too when you have tried to have a voice?   Yep, this too is a sign that the mother wound energy is merging with the body.  It is not only uncomfortable and painful but also scary. Do not, I repeat do not bypass these sensations. It is important to pay attention to this energy sensation and work with it. And do NOT listen to anyone who says to ignore your emotions, or who downplays these sensations or says you are overreacting. You are reliving a very painful wound and it requires attention and compassion.

This is a great opportunity to shift and heal. When these sensations arise in the body, do something to engage and move the energy. When I was working with this recently I got my F note crystal bowl (traditionally for the heart chakra)  and vocal toned with it. This helped me process and shift the intense energy coming up in my chest. You can wail, dance, shake, or do yoga postures as well to process this core wound energy that has made it to the body.

My mind won’t stop racing

The next experience you may notice is the monkey -the racing mind that is gripping to anything to logically make sense of your feelings and looking for some sense of control over the situation.  You may notice you lose many nights of sleep over thinking about what you could do differently, or proving to yourself you didn’t do anything wrong.  This is your lower mind protecting you, where you see the low self-esteem and perfectionism patterns come in. Quieting this racing mind is a challenge. This is the stage where many push away a person, place, or thing or react with anger, tell someone off or do a lot of blaming and shaming either of themselves or others.

Some things you can do to process this mental energy are to do mantra and get energy work done (life Reiki, Vocal Energy Healing, or Access Bars). Mantra is a yoga practice specifically for what yogis call the monkey mind. There are different mantras for different experiences but ultimately they remind you of your divine nature and give your mind somewhere else to focus on.

I have two favorite mantras that I go to when I start experiencing monkey mind. The first one is the Ganesha mantra to remove obstacles and remember your divinity. It goes, Om Gan Ganpataye Namo Namah. The second one I have been chanting since it was given to me at 19 by Gurumayi.  It is the mantra that reminds us of our divine nature and purifies the elements that make up our physical nature. It is om namah shivaya.

Sometimes the racing mind brings you to a fork in the road and a critical decision must be faced- a choice to continue to be strung along by the wounded young part of yourself or to let that young part know that they do not have to live this pattern anymore they are safe in a caring adults presence. This takes integration and surrendering. It is a beautiful unfolding when the time is right for this.

Now what? My mind is still racing

So you have processed some energy and you are having some periods of relief but the racing mind comes back with a vengeance. Stay with these above practices or do what I did recently that I found to be a miracle worker.  I used the confrontation affirmation that I learned in my metaphysical minister training.   It is offering up your pain, confusion, and suffering to Source because you are exhausted navigating it on your own.  I sat in a contemplation meditation and repeated it over and over again… “The source power in me is greater than the power causing me to overthink and suffer. I yield my mind and body to the Source power within me that brings peace to my mind and body.  Please heal this wound with me.”  This quieted the mind and released the experience of this triggered episode of my mother’s wound.

You are not alone in your core childhood mother’s wounds. Please know we all have them and we are all going through them the best we can. Please remember if you see someone going through this, have compassion, be gentle with them, and be patient. If you could use some support or accountability with moving the energy of a mother wound, I have several ways to work with me through sound and vibrational therapy.  If this seems very deep and you have been suffering for a long time, please seek professional psychological support.

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