When life throws a curve ball so big and unexpected you feel your

breath stop and your reality implode…

This is a shock. Shock is tethered to our biggest fears. Sometimes it can be a quick shock and processed quickly.  Sometimes it is intense and can last for a while.  Rest assured it is important to process shock energy and not let it get stuck in your body, energy system, or nervous system.  After the shock experience be sure to find a way to process the shock “wave” afterward.  Here are some ways you can work with the sound of your own voice to process shock.

Why your Voice works to process the shock

Your voice is analogous to the shaking animals do after they are shocked by a predator. Your nervous system is connected to your voice via the vagus nerve. When the vagus nerve is activated by the vibration of the vocal cords, the nervous system ignites the parasympathetic response, which is the calming aspect of the nervous system. In addition, some neurons are associated with your emotions that run down from the brain through the neck.  Emotions get processed when you sound out. This is especially the case when you set an intention with your sound. This is how you can process shock with your vibrating vocal cords.

3 Ways to Process Shock

When you have recently felt shock, whether from a sudden loss in friendship, a sudden diagnosis, a sudden death or a sudden shift in family structure or home life, it is important to follow that shock experience with a practice that gives attention to the energy, as well as the belief system that is attached to it. Let’s start with processing the energy. Give these 3 vocal toning practices a try.

  1. Body Shake and Sound- Go to the first place you felt the shock in your body.  Put a little physical shimmy / shake there to rattle and release the energy. Then offer your voice to that released energy and let your voice make an organic sound to process the shock.
  2. Connect with the Universe with OHM- When a shock hits, trust in life immediately pummels. Chant OHM to connect with the Allness and the perspective of the oneness of life so you feel held and not alone.
  3. Chant the chakra tones– the first 5 chakras are affected by the immediate psychological activation of fear, disempowerment, emotional shock, and feeling of loss with the feeling of “no choice” around the experience.  Sound out, Oh, Oo, Ah, AA, EE

The beliefs that activate and hold the shock in place

Beliefs are a reaction to your inner vibrational reality and are what SHOCK is fueled by.  As soon as possible, it is important, to take a look at them and update the beliefs that are at the root of your shock. For example, when my father told me his cancer diagnosis years ago with a 13-month prognosis, I went into immediate shock.  The belief that was at the base of it became clear pretty quickly – “I can’t survive without him.” I was lucky in some way because instead of a 1 year journey, it turned out to be a 4 year cancer journey I was able to shift that belief along the way.

With sudden death you are faced with a different reality so quickly, sometimes the belief that is at the root of the shock seems untouchable. But I encourage you to eventually tap into a new perspective on the belief. For example, turn “I can’t survive without him” to “Our hearts are always connected, I have survived on my own in different ways before. I lean on my higher power and find support”

When it’s time…

You will find your way. I encourage you to tap into the power of your voice not only to start to move the energy of shock that can be deep in your psyche and bones but also as a way to connect with your Soul, Higher mind, and Higher Power. Sometimes leaning on a Higher Power gives you strength you never knew you could have and your voice is a powerful tool to connect you.

I am here for support …

If you find you could use support with the vocal practices, reach out for an Awakened Voice Session. Or have me process the shock and grief for you with my ALIGN: Custom Sound Healing Recordings.

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