Alignment through Sound Quantum Healing

Tune yourself to your highest vibration

My  “Alignment Through Sound” sessions entrain your body to be in alignment with the frequency of your most brilliant YOU.  I intuitively tune into the energetics of your infinite beingness. Whatever is not a match with that and is ready to shift we address.  Then I vocalize a tone or sound to support, release, delete, transform, refresh, nourish, or train you back to the frequency of your greatest self using a high-frequency Ascension Energy.

When you are aligned with your resonant frequency of vitality, the other denser frequencies start to dissipate.  You are left feeling refreshed, light, peaceful, happy, open to possibility, and feeling good in your body.

Body tension is a dense frequency.  Alignment Through Sound can begin to lighten that frequency by breaking up the density. In addition, it can help you release the root and seed of the problem by shifting the frequency of the thought patterns that started the tension in the first place.

Thoughts create our reality including our body reality. At least this is how I see it. If anything, you will feel very peaceful and at ease afterward. The best-case scenario is you will see a massive transformation.  Possibilities are possible.

Private Alignment Through Sound Sessions

Using high-frequency ascension energy of my voice to assist you to feel lighter, happier, and awakened. This energy session can work on you physically, emotionally, mentally, ethically, and dimensionally.  Each session activates a higher vibration by supporting you in remembering who you really are.

After the sounding, there is a facilitation time for sharing. These sessions can help you find relief from physical and mental suffering, feeling stuck, being easily triggered, and negative emotional patterns.

After a session, you may find that you have more clarity of purpose, that you have deep inner peace, and your vibration is higher. You may find that it is easier to sustain these states as well.

Sessions available by Zoom


60 min/ $150

4 pack $400


Family Alignment Through Sound Package: 90 min sessions for families to get support with communication, connection, and family dynamics. Each session held at the family’s home allows for council, vocal sound healing, percussion, communication, and recording of the family Alignment journey for future use together. $250

Conscious Music House Concert Package: An interactive music performance with Rebecca’s original music, toning, and chanting at your home to promote a conscious and entertaining event with friends. $150 first hour… $125 each hour after that


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Be Where You Are Chant

Sister Sounds Chant

I Love you /Saptak Mantra

 Alignment Through Sound Public events

A time of conscious songs, chant, toning, and interactive spontaneous singing to align with the divine infinite beings we are. Receiving our voices from this space is truly transformational. What is possible with YOUR voice? What else is possible when you are willing to receive and notice your voice in a sea of wholeness?
In these events, you will:
  • Gain confidence expressing in a group
  • Receive sound healing to reset emotionally and energetically
  • Deepen your capacity to listen to the divine and be sung
  • Receive light encoded frequencies