I AM HERE 4-week Email Coaching

  • Get perspective and spiritual coaching
  • Have someone of like mind to share with
  • Learn tools to get past personal growth hurdles
  • Tips to move through a healing crisis

Personal growth and transformation can feel confusing and lonely at times.  This program offers you support. I AM HERE is a program to help you get through your hurdles, feel connected again, breathe life into spiritual growth plateaus, and get heard.

This program offers 1 email a day with up to 3 back and forth correspondences. Confidentiality is honored fully.


30 Days to Sing Your Self Free

Would you like to open your voice? Do you have a longing to know yourself better? Are you ready to try something new and find the confidence you’ve been wanting?

You are invited to take a 30-day journey with your voice.

Each day you will get an email with practices to help you get to know your voice better as an instrument as well as a vehicle for transformation.

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