“Be YOU, change the world”

-Dr. Dain Heer


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Here is a bit of my story ….. And a story is all it is ….. but sometimes stories give us a gem of a possibility to go create forthwith ….

When I was a little girl I was plagued with worry, fear, and stress. I had happy moments and moments I laughed so hard I peed my pants but most of the time I was a pretty tense kid.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to take care of my family members and to be a “good” person, and a “good” student amongst the chaos of a broken family – a family facing financial challenges, domestic violence, alcoholism, and personality disorders from severe trauma. I dealt with this all by standing up tall and not letting anything in.  While I was still shy, I had a pretty good armor on that kept me impenetrable and in control.

These strategies can only last so long.  For me I am thankful at an early age I started to ask questions that began changing things for me.  I asked,  “How can I feel better?”, “Who am I really,” “What is spirituality?”,  “How does the universe work?”, “How does it get better than this? “. Questions like this started leading me to experiences, places, people, and training that began to open me up to receive my life more.  These questions have helped me accept myself and find my voice.  Life began to feel lucky. Synchronicities started to happen and songs began to come through me. Life was beginning to feel enriched with wonder, light, and possibilities.

Then This happened

Several pivotal things happened to me early in my life that began to create this shift. First I went to my first meditation class when I was 18 and had an out-of-body experience.  Then I had a health teacher who started to show me the effects of food on my body. When I was 19 my mother gave me a book called, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hays. The following year when I was 20 I got Shaktipat from Guru Mia -one of the most peaceful experiences of my life.  Then later on at  28, I studied the Course In Miracles for a year. These pivotal events in my early life paved the way for more openings and discoveries in the following years.

My biggest teachers

Some of my biggest teachers have been the songs I have written and the voice I used to sing them. The process of becoming a singer /songwriter was spontaneous and unexpected. I started singing as a response to all the openings that were happening in my body and my being as I let go of the trauma. As I sang I became aware of my body and how my Higher Mind came through it. I noticed the more I made room for my Higher Mind, the more I would let go and open my voice without hesitation. It was an ecstatic feeling of flying in one’s own body without leaving the ground. An experience I now call “being sung.”

The roller coaster ride

I continue to feel that sense of freedom, lightness, and sensation of flying. Through the years It has been a roller coaster ride of joy and depression –  enjoying life and not enjoying life.  It all is curious, it all creates the next opening, and it all is a glorious ride.   I’m happy to say the roller coaster has fewer ups and downs these days. There are more days now that I experience a joyful presence.  There are more days I’m excited about possibilities and there are more days I feel that the love of the universe has my back and I can rest in that.

I find a lot of joy in guiding others to open up to the love and joy that is available to each one of us regardless of the stories we’ve lived. Making amends, forgiveness, release, sounding the voice, unconditional love, possibilities, trust, and presence  – these are the ingredients of an enriched life. It is my point of view that our deepest playground of personal evolution is remembering our greatness and becoming present. I use my years of riding the roller coaster of life and my energetic toolbox to mentor my clients to remember their greatness.

Where this has led me now

MyAwakened Voice Mentoring Method is an exciting practice that leads you to remember the Power of YOU. You are led through self-discovery practices that involve vocal technique, vocal awareness, and vocal empowerment. It is a powerful journey to deepen your connection with your authentic self, your inner peace, and your self-expression.

ALIGN Custom Sound Therapy Program is another way I work with clients. This program offers a custom-professionally produced sound therapy recording. Through the years, light codes have made their way into my voice, I call this the frequency of pure Source Energy.  With these healing tones, I make sound healing for you that can support you in releasing old programs, integrating emotions, shifting behavior /mind patterns, and aligning with your authentic frequency- it resets your vibrational set point. Then I add complimentary notes and rhythms to help release blocks and rest the nervous system.

As I go along on my journey ever-expanding I’m curious about where I will be guided next! The awakening and alignment process is not linear or consistent- it is a day-by-day magical ride!  If you would like some support on your ride to remembering your greatness, let’s connect with a free discovery call to see if we are a match!

My toolbox:

Degrees, Certifications, and experiences that contribute to Rebecca’s present work:

B.S. Exercise Science & Wellness Education, Magna Cum Laude

Advanced Sound Healing Therapy Certification, Globe Institute

Certified Holy Fire II Reiki Master teacher

Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master

Cert. 200 level Yoga Teacher

IYT Yoga Therapy training

Certified Access Bars Practitioner

Path of Ceremonial Arts: 3-year women’s priestess training

Liberate the Voice of Your Soul Immersion with Chloe Goodchild

1-year study of The Course In Miracles

Rebecca Abraxas in Concert

1-year study with Embodied Voice

Access Consciousness Classes/Access Bars

20 years of conscious songwriting

2 Years of Teaching music to a private K-8 school

20 years of experience working with healthcare and Memory Care Seniors

10 years of Kids’ performance/workshops

3 music CDs of original songs “Alive in Longmont” “The Offering” “When Heaven Meets Hell”

Acting in shorts “Sever”(IMBD credit), “Vermin” and “Unhanded

Classes with Abraham/Esther Hicks

Classes in Rolf movement, Continuum, and Pilate

Rocky Mountain Song school participant (2x)

Marconics Human Upgrade sessions

Marconic Ascension Energy Training/ No Touch Practitioner Oct. 2020

Metaphysical Minister (in training)

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