Rebecca Abraxas Music Journey

Rebecca Abraxas in Concert

Rebecca Abraxas and Jude in Concert

Rebecca Abraxas is a local, contemporary singer/songwriter who, through the years, has been an integral part of Boulder, Colorado’s music scene.

She began her love of music with private flute lessons at 12 years old. After playing classical music for several years she switched to the free form strumming of guitar and singing.  Rebecca began writing songs in her early 20’s to  teach her self how to sing and play guitar. It led to a love affair with expressing old pains, new perspectives and metaphysical inquiry thru song. It became a path of healing, awaking and personal growth for Rebecca.

She was the first performer on Boulder’s Public Access T.V. series, the “Naked Stage”, where one of her songs, “Ode” became their theme song for the show.

She joined the female singer/songwriter movement, “Women From Mars”, for many of the shows in Boulder.

She also hosted and booked the “Where’s Richard” women’s music show at the late Penny Lane Coffee House.

Over the years, people have raved about the unforgettable quality of Rebecca Abraxas’ voice and the soul she has given her songs.

Today Rebecca Abraxas continues to share live music in the Boulder and Denver area with a variety of audiences. Rebecca leads music performances, workshops and classes for Senior Enrichment as well as for a K-8 private school. She has been invited to sing at Unity and New Thought churches and continues to share music in the community through house concerts, art walks and other gatherings. Rebecca is a wonderful candidate for music festivals, retreats and conferences.

Rebecca’s songs are inspired by the plight of one’s journey to live the best life he or she can. Inspired by songwriters such as Jim Croce, Bruce Springsteen, Carol King, John Denver, Paul Simon and Billy Joel, Rebecca writes songs that have heart strings as well as wings.

Rebecca Abraxas has 3 CDs of her own and has made vocal appearances on several others including that of Krieg Vessleman’s. Rebecca’s CDs, “Alive in Longmont” and “The Offering”, were both made with live audiences. Rebecca’s most recent CD, “When Heaven Meets Hell,” was a studio project released in May 2012. This CD is a collection of songs that address stories of over coming obstacles and staying true to oneself. “When Heaven Meets Hell” was funded by friends and fans through an Indie-GoGo Campaign.

Rebecca has taken her love of singing, wellness & metaphysics into a new path- that of Keynote concerts, where she incorporates empowerment coaching themes and positive songs into  dynamic programs for personal growth

A new CD is on the horizon with themes of shining bright, ways to stay open to joy and unconditional love.  To see Rebecca sing you can visit her You-Tube channel. or tune in below as she entertains a group of wellness entrepreneurs.