Remember Your Greatness!

ALIGN: Custom SOUND Therapy Package

Align with your authentic magical divine self so you feel vital, confident, at peace, and on purpose. I’ll make you a custom sound medicine recording specific to the blocks and resistance you would like to heal and shift as well as the possibilities you would like to manifest. By listening for 30 days you can shift your vibrational set point to a higher frequency so you live more of life at a higher vibration, with more happiness, and spiritual nature.

Awakened Voice Mentoring Method

A  unique practice that helps you remember your resonant frequency of peace and well-being so you function at your highest level.

You are guided on a journey to become aware of how your own voice gives you clues to where you are holding tension, emotional habits, limiting beliefs, and wounding.   Together we use your voice as an assessment tool as well as a coach to retune you holistically.

Sound Baths

Private and group sound baths through vocal energy healing, crystal bowls, and frame drum with ascension frequencies to create deep inner peace, potent shift, and connection with your whole self.

Midlife AWAKENING 10-week Immersion

Is it time to step into the next version of yourself? Have you felt stuck, confused, and burnt out lately?  Not quite an identity crisis but you may be feeling purposeless, disconnected, and triggered.  You could be embarking on your next awakening! It is an exciting time but also uncomfortable!  Are you just longing to embody the frequency of your highest self but joy, peace, and purpose seem to be hard to sustain?  Could use a guide? Let’s spend 10 weeks together resetting your vibrational set point so you feel aligned with your truest self, enlivened, inspired, on purpose, in joy, and at peace.

Conscious Music

Offering unconditional love, expanded consciousness, and possibilities through vocal music and songs. Would you like these frequencies to sing out in your room? Toning, Chants, Songs, and spontaneous sing-along with ukulele, drum, or guitar to set the atmosphere for your event.