Sound Healing with Vocal Toning For Understanding

The Trouble with Assuming

Have you ever felt misunderstood or felt like you have a hard time understanding someone in your life? It can be frustrating to be at a standstill with someone.  Just last night I had a misunderstanding with my teenager. Instead of using a question to get more clarity about what he was talking about,  I assumed he was hinting around about not going to school tomorrow.  I responded emphatically “You are going to school tomorrow.”  He walked away in a huff and communicated later he felt misunderstood.

Let Go of Misunderstanding With Sound Healing

So how can sound healing help us go from misunderstanding to understanding the people we are in relationships with? When we are in a space of referring to the past in a situation, like I was last night with my son, we tend to make assumptions and not ask questions about the present moment.  The cool thing about sound therapy is it can calm the nervous system and bring us to the present moment. This space of being offers an inner peace that accommodates curiosity, compassion, and clarity – 3 things that support understanding.

Affirm and Intend

Sound with an intention attached to it can create a desired outcome. This is a formula that Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer in the field of modern sound therapy,  created.  Sound healing can be as easy as humming or toning the sound ‘ahh.

When you make these sounds with an affirmation attached to them, you can shift vibrational realities in your emotional habits, subconscious, and belief systems. All bringing you more grounded and responding from the present moment rather than from a past program.

So give it a try. Affirm, “I release my preconceived beliefs to seek clarity and compassion.”

Then let out the sound “Ah” for several minutes.

May this give you the ability to pause, ask for clarification, and become understanding to the ones you love.


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