How Can I Get Happier?

Being a little low energy and feeling a little down seems ok in the gloomier winter months but when the weather gets nice and you are still gloomy it makes it feel way worse, doesn’t it? The lack of motivation, the blah feeling of not feeling your purpose, the sensation of feeling stuck or not doing enough can really build up when the energy of spring starts getting faster.

Happiness is something I think we all strive for.  Perhaps you have gone to a yoga class or a sound bath or even a nature walk and felt a little more uplifted, only to find yourself a bit gloomy again a few hours later. Happiness is possible but it is something that requires a bit more consistency then a weekly yoga class.  So let’s get into 3  steps you can use with Sound therapy to stay consistently happy this Spring!

3 Sound Therapy Tools to  Stay Happy

1- Om throughout your day  (Video on how to chant Om)

This simple vocal tone can reset your nervous system as well as give you a sense of onesness with the whole of the Universe. When you feel like you are a part of something bigger and your nerves calm down, it is way easier to tap into the joy vibe and appreciate things. This equals happiness.

2- Hum the Happiness Note

Your happiness note is an organic sound you make after you think about a time in your life that was joyful and brought happiness to you. Just hum after you feel the sensation of remembering a happy time.  In doing this you are tuning yourself to happiness. Try doing it several times a day.


To truly be happy you must believe you can. Do you believe it?  Or do you feel like it may not be possible because something seems in the way?   The seed mantra GAM can help move the energy of blocks that may be keeping you from consistent joy and happiness.  Chant GAM in any tone you enjoy several times a day for 5min.  You may notice it is easier to be happy and from there you can build the belief it is possible.

How does Sound Therapy do this?

Sound therapy works holistically with the Body, Mind, Energy, and Spirit.  The sound of your voice is linked to your nervous system via the vagus nerve, to your emotions through your chakras and to the spiritual body through the breath. Your body gives you indicators of where there is stuck energy via symptoms and tension. These indicators are related to what is vibrationally hanging out in your subconscious.   Your voice can go to each of these areas and process and integrate the denser frequencies there. Your voice can also tune you to the authentic lighter quantum frequencies you want to live by more often.

Sound therapy is an upcoming field in the area  of holistic wellness. If you are curious about learning more about how to balance your health and free the resistence to feeling happy in life,  you can try out a 30 min session. You will get 1:1 attention on how to free your blocks through voice or just by tuning yourself with certain frequencies. I’ll help you pin point your blocks and teach you how to move them so happiness is more consistent in your life.

Just schedule your 30 min private session here for $44 (Spring 44 is my spring special happening till June 21)

Happy Spring!


P.S. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments section.

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