Alignment Through Sound

Therapeutic Sound Baths with Rebecca Abraxas

Tune yourself to Wholeness

My  “Alignment Through Sound Baths” sessions entrain your body to be in alignment with the frequency of your most brilliant whole self.  I intuitively tune into your energetics and sense what requires release and flow. These sound baths calm your mind down and shift you into slower brain wave activity so you feel more focused, creative, and relaxed.

I vocalize a tone or sound to support, release, transform, refresh, nourish, and entrain you back to the frequency of your greatest self using high-frequency Ascension Energy. I use the assistance of chimes, crystal bowls, and a frame drum.

When you are aligned with your resonant frequency of vitality, the other denser frequencies start to dissipate.  You are left feeling refreshed, light, peaceful, happy, open to possibility, and feeling good in your body.  In this state your immunity is stronger, your quality of sleep better and your nervous system regulated.

You will find yourself TRUSTING LIFE MORE, being and acting MORE CONFIDENTLY,  and being more PRODUCTIVE. Other side effects may be the ability to sustain higher emotional states more of the time and feeling less triggered. A sense of mental clarity and enhanced intuition are also possible.

Pain may dissipate. Body tension is a dense frequency.  Alignment Through Sound Baths can begin to lighten that frequency by breaking up the density. In addition, it can help you release the root and seed of the problem by shifting the frequency of the thought patterns that started the tension in the first place. Thoughts create your reality including your body’s reality.

If anything, you will feel very peaceful and at ease afterward. The best-case scenario is you will see a massive transformation and your life will change forever.  Anything is possible.

Private Alignment Through Sound Sessions

These sessions use the high-frequency ascension energy of my voice as well as vibrational wellness facilitation to assist you in relaxing deeply.  This energy session can work on you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is a multi-dimensional experience.  Each session activates a higher vibration by supporting you in remembering your core soul self.

After the sounding, there is a facilitation time for sharing. These sessions can help you find relief from physical and mental suffering, and release your sense of stuckness.

After a session, you may find that you have more clarity of purpose, that you have deep inner peace, and less anxiety. Your vibration is higher. Sustaining these states becomes easier too.

Sessions are available via Zoom : 

Single personal sessions:

30 min: $90   4 pack: $320

45 min: $135  4 pack: $440

60 min: $185  4 pack: 633

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 Alignment Through Sound

Public  Events and Retreats

Interactive sound baths calm the nervous system, offer a deep sense of peace, and align you with your authentic nature for deep spiritual rejuvenation. Reset so you can let go of anxiety, overwhelm, and confusion. Step into a space of being that is clear, inspired confident, and balanced. Coming into a space of connection with yourself and others creates a new way of being in your life where you are more in the flow for healthier interactions, increased productivity, and vital physical health. Rebecca’s programs address all 5 pillars of wellness, the physical body, the energy body, the mental /emotional body, the intuition body, and the spiritual body.  When balance and awareness are brought to all 5 pillars, wholeness is experienced.

These events support participants to:
  • Gain confidence expressing in a group
  • Resolve anxiety
  • Rewire your Nervous System
  • Become happier with more dopamine & oxytocin in your system
  • Reset emotionally and energetically
  • Increase your intuition and inner creativity
  • Clear and evolve your chakra energy system
  • Feel lighter, brighter, and blissed out!
  • Sleep better and deeper
  • Calm your mind
  • Clarity of mind and focus
  • Pain relief

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Corporate Sound Therapy  & Wellness- create a 5 Pillar wellness experience for the health of your staff.  From 45 minutes to full-day retreats, these events help you and your staff learn about personal and business wellness.  Connect with Rebecca at to plan your wellness event.

Sound Bath House Concert: An interactive music experience with Rebecca’s original positive music, toning with crystal bowls and frame drum, and chanting at your home to promote a conscious and entertaining event with friends.

Illuminated Sound Circle Bath Experience: This happens every 3rd Friday at Boulder Unity Church at 6:30 pm,

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Be Where You Are Chant

Sister Sounds Chant

I Love you /Saptak Mantra

What People Are Saying:

Sue McQueen, Minister at Columbine Unity:

“Rebecca Abraxas recently gifted us at a women’s retreat with her music and sound healing baths. She brought a beautiful presence to our space and helped each of us realize our Oneness and our connection to each other. Her music and her voice have the ability to transport people to a sense of peace, calm, and deep love. She facilitated a sound healing bath that led us to an awareness of our profound connection to Source. Throughout the retreat, she provided music that was in alignment with each segment’s topic and helped open hearts. I heard nothing but praise from 60 attendees for Rebecca’s wonderful contribution to our women’s retreat. In addition to her musical talent, she was prepared, organized, and extremely professional throughout the entire planning process and the 2-day retreat.” 

Catharine C.Sound Bath Participant:
“Rebecca’s voice and presence are so peaceful and gentle and shamanic. I love how each session involves group healing and provides so much space for using one’s voice and exploring that as well. As a frequency enthusiast, the vibrations are healing, expressive, and holy. Always a reliable nervous system reset for me with chronic disease. The unfolding of what happens individually is really beautiful to watch and be part of and it feels so good to dwell in that in lieu of our crazy world. A true retreat. Thank you 🙏

James P. – Sound Bath Participant:
“Rebecca’s voice is angelic, and when she adds instruments like the drum or crystal bowls, is so soothing, invigorating, and inspiring!”

Donna Roderick- Private Client:

“Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing led me to the remarkable expertise of Rebecca Abraxas, a true luminary in the world of vibrational alignment and sound healing. My experience under Rebecca’s guidance has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, and I am thrilled to share my transformative journey.

From the very first session, it was abundantly clear that Rebecca is a master of her craft. Her intuitive understanding of energy and resonance, coupled with an extraordinary ability to create harmonious frequencies, is unparalleled. Rebecca’s sessions are a symphony of healing vibrations that penetrate the deepest recesses of the soul, gently unlocking dormant energies and guiding them toward a state of profound balance.

What truly sets Rebecca apart is her genuine passion for the well-being of her clients. Every session was tailored with meticulous care, reflecting Rebecca’s commitment to understanding individual needs and aspirations. Her presence is a sanctuary of tranquility, fostering an environment where profound healing can flourish unimpeded.

Throughout my time working with Rebecca, I have experienced a tangible metamorphosis in both my physical and emotional states. Old wounds that once seemed insurmountable have started to dissolve, making space for an influx of clarity, positivity, and vitality. The resonance of my being has shifted, and I credit Rebecca for being an instrumental guide on this profound journey.

Rebecca is not only a gifted practitioner but also an empowering coach. Her insights into the intricacies of sound and vibration extend beyond the sessions, providing me with a personal sound bath to integrate into my daily life. In a world that often seeks quick fixes, Rebecca stands as a beacon of authenticity and depth. If you are in search of a healer who embraces holistic transformation and offers a gateway to aligning your inner frequencies with those of the universe, Rebecca is the guiding light you seek.

With immense gratitude and a harmonious heart,”