You know that moment when you get home from a retreat, a massage or a yoga class only to be triggered?  What is going on?  So peaceful then bam! 

I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me. I actually wrote a song about it called, “When Heaven Meets Hell.” 

So what is the trick to keeping the peace and stillness within while being faced with people and life events? I’ve got a few things I’ve tried through the years.  It is such a great practice to share these with you as it keeps it fresh in my mind to remember them too!   

3 Potent Practices to keep the Stillness and Peace ALIVE 

1- Remember Your practice Somatically:  Do you meditate or do a Reiki practice daily?  If you do, great, lets take it a step further. If you don’t start here and give yourself 10 min of quiet a day to observe your mind and let go.   Once you have this meditation practice in place begin to notice how the sensation of stillness and peace feel in the body. Name it. Is it in your heart area? Are your toes tingling? Does your belly feel calm. What ever it is pick a part of your body to sense this peacefulness. Then throughout the day go to that body part when you start to feel triggered and sense the peace. This totally helps me remember that stillness that is always there even amongst the chaos. 

2- Practice breathing deep into the bowl of the pelvis: When the sensation of trigger is beginning, BREATH.  Take your breathing into a deep full low belly breath.  Think in your mind, “happy Buddha.”  Breath with the focus of expanding the lowest part of your belly that sits in the pelvic bowl.  This deep breathing assists you in grounding. It also helps you slow down and take a pause. Within this pause you may sense the stillness again resurfacing. Ah feels so good! 

3- Ask a Question: Questions are a great tool to expand awareness and energy back out.  When we get hooked in to a situation our energy contracts in and gets more dense. So the object is to expand back out.  Try asking yourself these questions when the chaos hits, “How old am I being?” , “Who am I being?”, “Who’s point of view is this?” “What’s right about this I’m not getting? “,  “What else is possible right here and now?”   In asking these questions you may instantly release the energy of the trigger becu

Gotta use them to have the effects: 

I know this sounds silly but so many times through the year I would be going through a challenging time and forget to use tools like the one’s I mentioned.  I made a commitment to myself some years ago when I was studying Access Consciousness work to actually use the tools over and over again in my day.  It is the repetition of any practice that gives results and makes our habits shift. So use the heck out of these tools this Holiday season! 

All the best!