3 steps to express more

3 STEPS TO Express More! What Have You Decided is Your Cross To Bear?

The confidence to Lead and to Follow

Confidence To Lead and to Follow With Your Inner Voice

Have you ever noticed we are in a culture that seems to perpetuate following someone else’s experience and awareness – a culture that preys on our lack of confidence?

Yet there is someone leading!  There is someone taking the leap of faith and swallowing down some courage to write the next book, create the next body of work or make the next inspirational video.

So what do you do to get some of this confidence?

Is it time to lead or to follow with your voice?

Earlier today I was in a crabby mood. I was walking the dog outside on a pretty hike and my mood began to lift and I started to sing the words, “Open to my knowing and step into my power”  What if you were the leader of your own life and you had the confidence to follow your own inner voice?  What if you are leading and following at the same time.

Many People who have written self help books are sharing their inner voice and what worked for them.  What if you used this as inspiration to follow your own inner voice and  not used it as the gospel truth?   No one else knows what is going to work for YOU!   You are so unique.  Some of what you find in a book written by someone else, may work for you- most of it may not- Or if it works it may work for a short time.   One of my coaches, George Carroll of Business School for Change Agents, always encouraged us to modify what ever model he was teaching us, to truly make it our own and make it work for us.  Would you be willing to be the leader of your own life? Would you be willing to trust your inner voice and your inner knowing? Would you be willing to lead from following your own inner wisdom. Write a book about it. Inspire others to trust their knowing too.  Then  VOICE YOUR BRILLIANCE TO THE WORLD. You can have the confidence that no one can voice it like you can!

How do you  find the confidence to lead and to follow? 

Here is a quick tool:

On a blank sheet of paper list  what is holding you back from trusting you.

To bring up this awareness ask yourself the question, “What is holding me bank from trusting my own inner voice about _________?”

Write down what ever comes up for you, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. Then ask, “Is this relevant to the present day I am living in? ”

Make the choice to live in the present with confidence by saying, ” I take back my power now and expand into all my possibility”

You can do this exercise as many times as you feel it is necessary to feel a shift.

All the best to you!

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Speak Your Message & Put On Your Wonder Woman Boots

Are you starting to feel the urge?

Are you beginning to feel the pull?

Is your fear becoming more obsolete?

Are you ready to put on your  Wonder Woman Boots and speak your message?

There is a sensation I am very familiar with.  That sensation is feeling like I am a super hero inside, yet only expressing a small small part of that bigness. Can you relate? I felt it a long time ago as a kid and the contrast created a lot of illness and discomfort in my body!  NOT FUN!!

If you are feeling a potential energy in yourself, what would it take to be all of that? What would it take to let it be expressed.

Not only may you begin to feel better in your body and mind but you will begin to shape your reality in a direction you want to see it.

I feel like this blog is timely in that our uniqueness and our differences are what is required on the planet right now to grow the equality and allowance on the planet. Your VOICE MUST BE HEARD IN ALL IT’S AUTHENTICITY AND UNIQUENESS!!

Your Wonder Woman Boots waiting. No one can wear them like you can.  No one can say the message you are burning to share like you can, even if it is a similar message to someone else’s

What would happen if you put them on and walked out in public with them?  

You may get ridiculed, laughed at, judged and mocked and you may get celebrated, adored, thanked and honored.  Either way, you win, because you released some of the contrasting energy between your inner and outworld. You win because you faced your fear.  You win because you released the pressure of the contrast in your life and  now you can expand to the next contrasting moment in you life to work thru and expand and so on and so forth.  Life is ever expanding. When you are not willing to expand with it, you begin to feel awful. You begin to get sick and depressed.

Tool box time:

A little tool you can remember to help you get those boots on and face the fear  so you can speak your message anyway is the  “Sacred Cross” 

-Ground your feet into the earth – feel her support, Open your crown to the heavens – feel the support from life force above and all around,   Lengthen your right arm tuning into all that makes you unique – feel the strength of you, Lengthen your left arm and remember all the skills you have acquired, all the experiences you have collected- feel the support from all of it.    Feel the support and let the fear go

Another little tool you can remember is to drain all the fear energy out of your mind by “Interesting Point of View” 

-Whenever a judgmental thought (for self or other) comes to your mind, simply say to your self, “Interesting point of view I have this point of view”. And whenever you become aware of someone else’s judgements simply say to your self, “Interesting point of view they have that point of you”.   This will take the wind right out o the sail of that judgmental thought!


Are you ready to put on your Wonder Woman boots?  Are you ready to voice your message from the mountain tops? Does it feel like yours to do?   I’m hear to say …





All the best,


Voice Your Brilliance