A Song a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A song a day

Forego the apple and insert a SONG!   A song a day keeps the Doctor away!

Singing has so many unsung benefits. On top of these it also can give you so much information about whether you are comfortable in your own skin and trust yourself!

When I was in my early 20s there were many low moments. It was at this time that I was beginning to play the guitar and sing a long to what I was playing. I didn’t put two and two together for a long time but when I did, I began to realize after singing I always felt better. I always felt more present and able to let go of my past story and I’ve noticed thru the years that even though I hadn’t been running or climbing a mountain for exercise, my aerobic ability was high. Now I know why

Singing Helps:

  • Induce the body to produce oxytocin which helps reduce stress
  • Improve your cardiac rhythm reducing risk of heart disease
  • Train the stomach muscle
  • Strengthens your immunity by increasing the concentration of immunoglobulin A
  • You breath deeply and evenly promoting proper breathing
  • Produce endorphins the “happy hormone”

If you are a closet singer, have you noticed some of these benefits?

Research is also showing these benefits show up even more with group singing.  Do you a some friends to sing with?

Its pretty cool seeing the biology of how singing can contribute. However I’ve also noticed thru the  past 20 years of being a singer / songwriter /performer that it also has been a great barometer for helping me build awareness of where I am holding myself back, what is negatively effecting me and  where my body could use some assistance in releasing tightness.

So as you sing your song a day with or without a group enjoy the great physical benefits and while you do, begin to notice what thoughts are arising, where do  you feel a bit of resistant in your body or mind and could you show up even more for the song.

In my experience it has been helpful to have a journal near by because a lot seems to unfold, unleash and release… write it down. It is is great information for transformation!

A song a day keeps the doctor away.  Happy Singing!


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Want To Be Happy? Start Singing!

I’ve noticed thru the years that many people have a wish to sing yet don’t. I’ve also noticed some people do not have any interest what so ever in singing.

Becoming aware of your resistance or openness to singing can give you a lot of information about where you are holding back and what you are holding back.  Want to be happy? Then start singing.

I propose that whether you want to sing but won’t or whether you have no interest in singing at all that there is a core belief that has robbed you of one of our greatest tools humans have to access joy.  Singing. Want to be happy? Start Singing!

Here are 3 scenarios from the past that keep a lot of people from singing that I’ve heard:

1- My teacher said I couldn’t sing

2- I got laughed at in elementary school when I sang

3- I hated singing in church as a kid


Here are 3 reasons from the present that keep a lot of people from singing:

1- I can’t sing, I’m awful

2- You don’t want to hear me sing, I only sing in the shower or the car

3- Reminds me of church, I want nothing to do with that


Can you see a link from the past to the present? Can you see how some core beliefs that were established from a very young age stole your interest in singing and secretly hid one of the most fun and easiest ways to access your joy?


What I’m curious about is does it really stop at singing or do these core beliefs rob us from receiving joy in other areas of our lives?

We are these amazing embodiments of source energy. Each of us a unique expression that will never happen ever again and here we are unable to express this brilliance.   Year after year buying into the core beliefs of “I’m scared I won’t get it right”, or “I’m anxious I’ll get rejected” or “this or that will always be a bad experience”. These beliefs show up in our work day constantly, in parenting or trying anything new. This inflexibility to create a new reality keeps us in a limited reality and limits our joy immensely in our lives.  If you think you are happy and you don’t sing… Guess what? There is a whole other level of joy you could be experiencing, but you wouldn’t want that or would you?


What I find fascinating is that clearing up resistance to singing can actually clear up resistance to lots of things in your life and you will find some ease, freedom and happiness along the way.


            Humans were meant to sing, just like we were meant to talk, walk, dance, make love, eat etc. 


Want to be happy? My challenge to you is to take a month and start a Happy and Singing Journal.


  • Sing something everyday. Sing several times a day. Sing in front of someone. Sing along with someone. While you sing take notice how you feel. Do you feel good? Do you feel silly? Do you feel bored?  Do you feel anxious?  Track these feelings everyday  and next to the feeling write the question, “What is this?” ( do not answer this question)
  • A question empowers you to open your self up to awareness. After several days of this process above I want you to add another step. Write down what you are aware of  after you write down, “What is this?”. Notice if you become aware of any memories or beliefs you have about your voice, the process of singing or any negative experiences you have had around singing or using your voice.
  • Now begin writing down next to these discoveries what age you were when they came into your life. Was it a very long time ago? Is it possible that it may not still be true?  Would you be willing to create a new story about singing and using your voice?
  • Lastly, what is the new story?  …. and the next day’s new story….. and the next and the next …

You have an opportunity to tell a new story each day about singing?  (You have an opportunity to tell  a new story each day bout your life)


I’m curious are you happier after this month exploration?  

              Do you still have anxiety about singing?

                              Do you have more interest in singing? 

                                               Do you have less anxiety in general? 

I would love to hear about your journey!

All the best to you on your path to happy and singing!