The Community of Sound is vast and you are invited!

If you are feeling down and perhaps lonely, there is a community that is available to you always.  The community of sound.  Yes, this could be the open-minded and hearted folks in the sound bath community near you. Perhaps at the local church or community center. These people are communing with you through frequency and sound to support you in remembering your best authentic nature.  BU T, there is another type of community of sound that I am talking about.

The community of ONE

When you take time to listen to healing tones, and intentional music, or sing vocal tones and chants yourself, there is a community on the other end of the silence. I know that must sound strange so let me elaborate because this community is one that will take all your loneliness away. The root of the word “community” is commune. When we are in a community, we are communing with one another which is defined as sharing deeply, feeling close and at peace together. The community that comes from sound healing is the community of allness or oneness – they are one and the same.

How to access the community of One

The community of one is accessed through meditation, prayer, and sound.  It is a community you are already a part of but sometimes forget.  The intentional sound of a voice can help you remember.   Notice the quality of silence after listening to a sound healing recording or after your vocal tone for a few minutes.  The silence is pure peace and the sense of belonging is so palpable! To access the community of ONE is to access the community of sound and tune into the silence afterward.

If it is that simple why doesn’t  everyone know about this

Simple doesn’t always mean easy. In our culture, we have a hard time coming to stillness. If you haven’t done shadow work and reprogrammed the subconscious these elements can be extremely distracting and pull someone away from this blissful community that they have always had a membership to. But it is like that parable of the Prodigal Son. The Community of ONE is always there with open arms to receive everyone back in. Once you remember and sense the oneness you are with all of creation, you feel the community you have always been a part of.

Why does sound bring you back to the community of One?

Sound is so effective at bringing you back to the community of One because it has attributes that calm the nervous system, integrate emotions, and reprogram subconscious beliefs.  This is all done by listening to sound healing music or making the healing sound yourself. It also is directly connected to the community of One through the breath and intention. When music is made with the intention of raising consciousness, that intention is passed on to you as a listener. Also, when we listen to a voice or actively sound out ourselves we experience Source energy because it is in the breath that is making the sound.

The silence after the sound is like the room you just walked into to meet your community

Think of it this way, the sound is the door and the key to the door and the silence is the room you walk into once that door opens.  The silence after the intentional sound feels different than the silence before listening to music or sounding it. It has a very different, expanded quality, that feels like freedom, that feels like home and that feels like communing with people who just get you. So even though you may be listening to the music or even making the music by yourself, the silence afterward will not feel like you are alone anymore and any loneliness vanishes. It is quite miraculous and it doesn’t have to take long. This experience can happen even after 5 min of listening or toning.   The more you work through and process your shadows, the quicker the silence afterward feels like coming home to the best family night ever.

How to get started

To get started you can go to YouTube and listen to a sound bath that calms your nervous system. I have a lot of them on my channel that may work for you. You can also start by vocalizing yourself.  Just sounding out and elongating all the vowel sounds in the alphabet or by toning the “ohm” sound.  The sound bath you listen to may be 15min to an hour.  Vocal toning yourself can be 5min – 30. Follow your bliss with this. Start a journal and write about your experience of the silence after each time you listen or tone. Start to notice how the quality of the silence starts to shift and notice when you feel like the door has opened to the Community of ONE.


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