There is something unexpected that comes from

voice work

Many people take vocal lessons to be able to sing like their favorite musical artist. I know I started that way. However, what I learned from voice work- taking lessons, performing, and just singing on my own was far more than singing  “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” well.  The whole process of finding your voice is about remembering why it’s not there in the first place.

If you went to an indigenous person who lived in their tribal ways and asked if they wanted voice lessons, they probably would ask, “Why.”  Singing is part of so many cultures,  It is especially a part of cultures that have not been touched by modern ways. They sing together for fun, celebration, death, etc.  Their voice is intact and so is their sense of “self.” The biggest unexpected gift my voice gave me is my healing path.  It introduced me intimately to my Source Self.

How my voice introduced  me to “ME”

After many years of feeling scared to speak up when a teacher called on me and breaking into a cold sweat whenever I had to present anything in front of a class, I became a performing singer-songwriter. How?  There was a stirring inside that always egged me on to sing. So even though I didn’t like talking in front of people, I would go home and sing and dance in my bedroom as a young girl.  In my 20s I sat in my bedroom on weekends playing guitar and writing songs.  One day my friend said, enough, I’m taking you to an open mic.  This event changed the course of my life in so many ways.

When I got on stage there was a freedom that occurred. Everything that scared me or inhibited me started to drip away.  I was left with a feeling of flow and openness to my authentic self.  This was not the case off the stage. I could still feel my low self-esteem and my insecurities plaguing my life. The contrast of flow and freedom on stage and insecure and rigid off-stage set up a very interesting barometer for me.  The more I felt like I was flying high with music the more uncomfortable it became to live the rest of my NOT like that.  My voice and the voice work I did along the journey, showed me the way.

3 Vocal Pillars That Connected My Life

I lived that uncomfortable contrast for a while. But then my awareness started showing me things that my voice unleashed. Just like holistic wellness where the Body, Mind, Spirt are systemically looked at, in voice, one can look at vocal technique (body), Vocal Empowerment (mind), and vocal awareness (spirit/intuition). These 3 pillars not only matured my voice to a professional singer status but they showed me the path to being a spiritually aligned person.  This has been more valuable than being good at singing because it gave me trust in myself and it led me to being a present person who doesn’t live from the wounds of the past. (and some days are an exception but for the most part 😉) These are the 3 pillars I use in my Awakened Voice Mentoring.

If you are curious to learn more about these 3 pillars, sign up for a Complimentary Discovery Call with me. I’d be happy to share more.

– Rebecca

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