Own Your Brilliance

Voice and Confidence Coaching Program 

Private voice and Confidence coaching program 

The Own Your Brilliance Voice and Confidence program is a 4 week program for the individual ready to be confident, ready to trust herself and ready to have a dynamic voice in her business and ready to make the personal changes to make that happen.

Imagine fully embodying your dynamic business message and owning your brilliance.  Can you see yourself fearlessly speaking your mission and attracting clients that are fun to work with and support your financial goals?

Brilliant Program Results

  • Unleash body blocks and habitual body patterns that get in the way of dynamic self expression.
  • Discover power stances to go to when you are speaking in front of your clients. Discover natural ways to move your body and ways to move your hands.
  • Develop a personal warm up practice to get in your unforgettable presence
  • Learn tools to work with fears and emotional “pop ups” so they do not distract you when you are presenting
  • Free your voice from out dated beliefs and stories so you avoid getting hooked into old negative patterns. 
  • Learn to Expand your Vocal Volume  so your message is crisp and clear
  • Communicate with ease and confidence so your dynamic presence does not shrink in front of peers.
  • Learn about the power pause and how to stop using fill words that drown out your message.
  • Align your tone of voice and presence with your business message to engage prospective clients.          
  • Banish Stage fright and social anxiety. Discover ways to manage debilitating fear and build confidence.
  • Embody vocal technique that will change your voice forever so you can express yourself  freely.
  • Build Trust and Authority  in your business with an unforgettable presence.

Ready to get started?

Set up a complimentary intro session today 303-859-3026 or rebeccaabraxas@gmail.com

What you receive in this  4-week program:

1- Access Your Voice 3 hour Coaching Intensive:

Using a “Body, Mind, Voice” model to work toward your targets of mastering delivery skills, building confidence and reprogramming habitual negative patterning that inhibit you from voicing your brilliance. A 2 hour one on one personal coaching session comes with participation guide and a 1 hour follow up  personal coaching session. 

2-Unlimited email support between sessions:

With the deep work you will be engaging in you will receive unlimited email support between sessions to ask questions and share discoveries.

3- Two Access Bars Session:

This energy release session is 75 min in length and is an extremely potent process to release neural patterning in the brain from past stories and trauma.  It gives you more ability to function from the present moment and make choices from the now rather then old fears and inhibitions that are getting in the way of your speaking success. 

4- One Reiki Experience:

Holy Fire Reiki is an energy process that frees up blocked energy in the body.  Reiki helps to develop self- love and release judgment so you cultivate unwavering confidence and will toward your calling.  60 min session.  

Plus Bonuses!

“3 Keys to Activate Your Voice”:   This  12 min video resource is a wonderful tool to jump start trust and confidence in your voice. 

When Heaven Meets Hell CD:  An original CD by Rebecca Abraxas containing songs about overcoming obstacles and being present with the process of transformation.   

“Rebecca has a really great ability to be gentle and strong at the same time; when I’m spinning like crazy and caught up in my drama, she is able to bring me back to a calmer place where I can start to see more clearly what I can do to actually change the situation instead of just sharing the story and have it remain unchanged. It’s amazing how she can do this without making me feel stupid or a burden. Thank you, Rebecca, for being you!”

– Joylyn Bopp, ND and life coach