“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Anais Nin

Voice For Business Coaching Programs

Unleash Your Unforgettable Presence

8 week Voice and Video Program:

An in depth one on one voice and confidence coaching and video program for the individual ready to be the voice of her business on camera. This unique opportunity combines voice and confidence coaching along with a video shoot and a YouTube consultation. Discover your brilliant voice, unleash your dynamic presence and develop an authentic confidence on camera.  Watch yourself translate your unforgettable message on camera to engage your potential clients and strategic partners. This is an 8 week Business Coaching program for women.  At the end of the 8 weeks you will have a finished marketing video to use on your website and on social media platforms.  Learn more 

Own Your Brilliance

4 week Voice and Confidence coaching program:

An in depth one on one voice and confidence coaching program to develop the voice and presence of your most brilliant YOU! Finally unleash the fears of using your voice. Find an unwavering confidence, a brilliant presence and a voice that engages your strategic partners, audiences and clients with your potent business message.  For the individual ready to choose something different in her life.  Have you had enough of only expressing a small part of you? Are you looking  for a different paradigm in your life? Are you willing to do what ever it takes to get your message heard and your dreams actualized? This is a 4 week Business coaching program to assist you in owning your brilliance in your business.  Learn more

Access Your Voice

3 hour Coaching Intensive:  

A personal vocal and confidence coaching intensive to facilitate you in voicing your brilliance, gaining confidence and fine tuning your vocal technique using a “Body, Mind, Voice” model to work toward your targets of mastering delivery skills, building confidence and reprogramming habitual negative patterning that inhibit you from being the potent voice of your business. 


 2  hour session of one on one personal coaching; comes with participation guide

 1 hour one on one follow up coaching session

Email support program

This business coaching intensive is for women who are ready for a different possibility with their voice, presence and how they are being seen and heard in their business.


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