The Sound Of Your Voice is Telling You A Lot…

I’ve been so curious for a long time about people’s fear of singing a song or expressing themselves. Some people say it’s because of trauma around being silenced or laughed at as a young kid.  Perhaps so, but I think it is more than that.  In my Sound Therapy training, my teachers revealed something that made so much sense. They revealed to me the real reason so many would rather die than do public speaking.

The real reason is based on the metaphysical truth that everything is a vibration. Every thought, feeling, emotion, and belief is a vibration that lives in your body AND your voice. I was taught that everything that you live and are, is a frequency that comes through your voice. No wonder people feel so vulnerable around sharing their voice. They dislike sharing every detail of their broken past with strangers. While it may be inherently scary to share this with others, it does have an upside. You can learn a lot about your shadow and wounds that require processing and healing through the tone of your voice at a particular time. Your voice offers you personal freedom.

Personal Freedom From Old Emotional Habits

Old emotional habits can sabotage your ability to find a partner, be successful in your business, and hear your soul’s calling. Yet emotional habits are challenging to pinpoint and find the root cause of.  However, by tuning into the tone of your voice you can start to unravel not only the habit but also the root of it.  For example,  have you ever been at a network meeting when people introduce themselves with a high-pitched upslope to their voice? That tone can be indicative of an imbalance of authority in their lives and low self-esteem.  In this case, it would be important to look at the root core memory and beliefs made around people pleasing in an authority situation.

Your Voice Can Processes It Too

So it is cool that your voice can give you information about where to focus your personal growth and healing but it doesn’t stop there. Your voice also can help you process that emotional habit and belief system. Simply by vocal toning and intentional sounding, your voice helps you process the energy of the past. This helps you be more free in the present. It works because of the metaphysical truth that everything is a vibration. Your voice matches the vibration of the emotion and gets the energy vibrating to a different frequency.  The emotion can move along and do something else with the energy. Energy never ceases to exist, it just changes the rate of vibration. Once you change the rate of vibration of a stuck emotion or an old belief system, the energy is free to be something else.

Your Voice Is A Healing Tool You DONT Want to Forget About

It can be uncomfortable to start voice work, but as you can see, it is so valuable to your personal freedom. Think of it this way, using your voice to process emotions and beliefs is like an animal shaking off the fear of an intense chase. Once you process all the old emotional habits, then you can use your voice to process new incoming emotions quickly. Emotions are just warning bells, the energy of them is not supposed to stay stuck in our psyche. The sooner you get its messages and move the energy, the better you will feel and the more energy you will have for other things in your life.

You can do voice work on your own for sure, but it may be helpful to have a mentor.  Mentors help focus your healing journey and keep you accountable. A Vocal Healer Mentor can facilitate you with what the tone in your voice is revealing as well as sounding tools to use to move particular energies and blocks.  My Mentor sessions are called Awakened Voice Mentoring sessions.  No two sessions are the same as the subconscious reprogramming and spiritual awakening are so different for each person. Mentors take the energy and vocal tools and facilitate you in unraveling what the voice is showing you and processing for you.

How to get started

An easy way to get started is to simply start saying and singing your name to yourself. How many times has your name been said in joy or frustration or even in anger? Vocalizing your name out loud to yourself will bring a lot of awareness.  Are you curious about feeling more free? Would you like to see if you are a good fit for an Awakened Voice Mentoring session?  You can start by booking a complimentary Discovery call with me.

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