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Begin to voice your brilliance and open to the possibilities in every opportunity!

Don’t have time for in-person coaching?  Would you like to supplement your one on one coaching?


Voice Your Brilliance Monthly Membership!

Get support in building your confidence so you can share your Value with the world! Get support in being fearless in any situation, with any audience and in any conversation. Looking for support to get a warmer tone to your voice? Would you like to be more comfortable on camera?  VYB Membership will address these topics as well!   For the price of a happy hour glass of wine per week you could get the support you may have been asking for to shape the world  with your message and your voice.

The support and coaching you get for $17 a month: 

  • You’ll be on the  Voice Your Brilliance email list for upcoming workshops, community blogs and videos and receive the free gift “Unlock Your Power” Questionnaire
  • Members receive a group coaching call once a month (3rd Monday evening of the month 6:30pm MST) to dive into monthly topics and practices. Members can get personal support on these calls as well that will be of service to all the members. You will get recordings of the calls.
  • Membership blogs once a month (delivered the 2nd Tuesday of the month) that dive deep into practices to use for freeing the voice, building confidence, empowering your message, building your business voice and releasing blocks to sharing your unique gifts.
  • Face Book page a private closed group for added support between me and the members (continued day to day support).  Ask questions about content from blog and call, share your success, be supported.

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Coaching call: “There was no judgment, no pressure to figure something out where I wasn’t ready to go… just loving guidance for me to be free to do my own work. I can’t really convey my feelings adequately in words, but if one sentence can sum it up… For me, it was like her heart could hear my heart and there is no greater gift than that”  Judy Tautenhan, Single mom/Intuitive