V. O. I. C. E.


V. O. I. C. E. training

guides you to become aware of the power of your voice. It takes you beyond just self-expression. It brings you to a space of remembering your GREATNESS!  During these voice sessions, you’ll gain insight into the aspects blocking your personal power, peace, and self-expression. In this unique practice, you will be facilitated in the areas of vocal awareness, vocal empowerment, and vocal techniques.

Additionally, V.O.I.C.E. will let you know:

  • Where you are holding tension in your body
  • What mental/ emotional components are holding you back
  • How to deepen your spiritual and energetic connection
  • Where to focus for optimal personal growth
  • How to be sung from your highest self

Begin to notice:

  • You don’t see yourself getting hooked into drama
  • You respond instead of reacting
  • You have faith in your choices rather than wavering confidence
  • Your intuition is more clear
  • Your nervous system is less triggered
  • Your voice feels free
  • You begin to like your voice and yourself more
  • You are at ease with talking to others in social situations or from on stage
  • Your self-esteem seems boosted
  • You develop inner peace and unwavering confidence

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60 min sessions: $97

3 pack of 60 min sessions:  $285

Together we use your voice as an assessment tool as well as a coach. It is a vehicle for vulnerable potent communication, and a tool to gain deep inner peace. V.O.I.C.E. Training helps you discover the Power of YOU by freeing your voice!

“What we are doing here is not just singing a pretty song, we are awakening to the very TRUTH that breaths us into existence.  We are opening up to being SUNG” 

– Rebecca Abraxas, V.O.I.C.E. Training