I AM HERE 4-week Email Mentor

  • Get perspective and vibrational alignment coaching
  • Have someone to hold you accountable
  • Have someone of like mind to share with
  • Tips to move through a healing crisis

Personal growth and trI am here email coaching ansformation can feel confusing and lonely at times.


Sometimes just sharing your strange story or new awareness with someone that ‘gets it’ can make all the difference.

I AM HERE is a program to help you get through the hurdles.  Its purpose is to support you in remembering your greatness and lifting you up past those spiritual growth plateaus. You may not have a support system yet that is on a similar path, who speaks the same language, and can relate to where you are. I am here to be that person for you through email interactions. I am here for you.

This program offers 1 email a day with up to 3 back and forth correspondences for sharing, inspiration, guidance, and accountability.

Your investment is $199/ month 

Confidentiality is honored fully.